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Zoe is a hatchling that's curious about everything, especially when it comes to The Blues' schemes, but they don't appreciate her hovering over their business. She is friends with them, Vincent, Samantha, Will, and Ariana.

She is also the biological daughter to Terence and Matilda, and the older sibling to Ally, Jenny, and Bailey.

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Voice Actor: Brooklynn Prince (English), Alice Déry (Quebec), Matilda Ferraro (Italian), Ye Weining (Taiwan), Xu Siqi (Mandarin)

Zoe was building a sand castle with her friend ViVi, until Red, Chuck, and Bomb ruined it by keeping an eye out for the pigs. After the conflict, the Hatchlings congratulated Red and they ran off to play.

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Zoe is the fourth (formerly second) Hatchling to be unlockable in the game, primarily if you beat up to Level 15 of Day Of The Beach

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Zoe (Hatchies)

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Zoe is one of the Series 1 Hatchlings for the Hatchies subline of the Angry Birds Hatchlings toyline.

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81018 Hatchlings Adventure Edit

This set is a representation of the B-Plot from The Angry Birds Movie 2

81026 Vivi Edit

  • Minifigures: Vincent
  • Pieces: 9
  • Accessories: Zoe
Vivi comes with a Pink Balloon, which is supposed to be a representation of the inflated Zoe.
81027 Zoe

81027 Zoe Edit

  • Minifigures: Zoe
  • Pieces: 9
  • Accessories: Mailbox

Zoe comes with a mailbox with both Terence and Matilda on it, though it's just one giant sticker instead of a printed piece.

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