This article is about the character that was introduced in The Angry Birds Movie 2, to see the classic character of the same name, see Zeta (AB 2)
Zeta Render
Zeta (not to be confused with another purple feathered chick) is the frustrated leader of Eagle Island ,but she’s sick of living (and shivering) in a sub-zero environment, instead, wanting to go to a warm, tropical island like Bird Island, or Piggy Island. She's sarcastic and selfish, and just cold (DAMN IT PUNS!) and vindictive enough to believe to take over the two islands by herself.

Oh, she also has a pet dog and her best Daughter/co-worker Debbie.


The Angry Birds Movie 2

Voice Actor: Leslie Jones (English); Katalina Múzquiz (Latin Spanish); Julie Beauchemin (French Canadian)




  • Sea
    Many fans thought that the main villain was Gale, a similar bird to her as an evil purple bird, and when the teaser picture of a purple feather came around, it turned out to be Zeta, not Gale.
  • She does not like seals.
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