This article is about the character that was introduced in The Angry Birds Movie 2, to see the classic character of the same name, see Zeta (AB 2)

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Zeta (not to be confused with another purple feathered chick) is the frustrated leader of Eagle Island ,but she’s sick of living (and shivering) in a sub-zero environment, instead, wanting to go to a warm, tropical island like Bird Island, or Piggy Island. She's sarcastic and selfish, and just cold (DAMN IT PUNS!) and vindictive enough to believe to take over the two islands by herself.

Oh, she also has a pet dog and her best Daughter/co-worker Debbie.


The Angry Birds Movie 2

Voice Actor: Leslie Jones (English); Katalina Múzquiz (Latin Spanish); Julie Beauchemin (French Canadian)

During her youth in the 1990's, Zeta had a crush on Ethan and proposed to him after getting to know each other, but he turned down her offer, which crushed Zeta's heart. Some time after that she had Debbie and got a dog named Baby.

In the present day, she becomes frustrated with her life on Eagle Island, including a random Seal that has been stealing Zeta's food. and plans to freeze both Piggy Island and Bird Island for a theme park and fires ice balls at those islands, including Eagle Mountain. After that doesn't work, she intimidates Glenn to make ice balls with Lava in it and carries out her plan.

After Hank caught both Red and Silver, Zeta told them about her plan to turn both islands into a water park and rallies the other Eagles about her plan and initiates a countdown sequence. She was excited about this until Debbie found out they have escaped and told her to find them. Zeta was about to launch the ice balls until both Silver and Red crashed into her Super Weapon but it didn't work, so she continued her plan but then Mighty Eagle arrives and tries to consul her but this ends up infuriating her which caused her to launch the ice balls.

Zeta escaped the explosion, caused by the Super Weapon's destruction but noticed Debbie's leg under a piece of the weapon, but then Mighty Eagle lifts the debris on top of him, saving his daughter's life. Zeta and Mighty Eagle got married and now they live a happy life.



Mystery Catablind figures

Zeta was released under the Mystery Catablind figures contained in a Blue container.




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Zeta is printed on a token


  • Many fans thought that the main villain was Gale, a similar bird to her as an evil purple bird, and when the teaser picture of a purple feather came around, it turned out to be Zeta, not Gale.
  • She was originally going to be called Zelda in concept sketches
  • She does not like seals.
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