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Willow, Sweet Bird

Willow is the not the meanest member in the Stella Flock, instead of fighting for anger, she tries to do it peacefully, but unfortunately, she is very shy and sometimes hides in her hat for safe keeping. But underneath her hat, it contains a bunch of colored feathers ranging from orange, to purple.

But interesingly enough, she has no eyebrows! This is the reason she uses a hat.

She is a very good artist, as she has drawn from small to large paintings, and can sculpt, And sometimes plays the harp or the piano.

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Angry Birds Stella Edit

Willow is the fourth bird to be unlocked in the game. Sh

Angry Birds POP! Edit

Willow was one of the prominent characters in Angry Birds POP!

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Angry Birds Stella Edit

Voice Actor: Annituuli Kasurinen (Finnish)

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Rock On! Edit

After Gale's attack on the Treehouse, the Stella flock were playing instruments and Willow was playing a harp.

The Runaway Edit

Pig Power Edit

Willow and her friends were on the beach playing some games, and then Dahlia proposed to the birds to help build a drawbridge between the tree and the beach but they refused to help. Willow then came back to see the drawbridge as Dahlia was about to open the bridge, but then it collapsed causing her and her friends to fall as well.

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  • Rock On!
  • Sleepover Two-Pack

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  • She's one of the few characters in the Angry Birds universe to have their own soundtrack
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