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This article is about the character from The Angry Birds Movie, for other uses, see Willow (disambiguation).


Willow is a resident on Bird Island that likes to create art in any shape or form, and if anything, she owns a crafting studio and a restaurant all to herself, with her help from her friends Stella, Gale, Dahlia, Poppy, and Luca of course.

She has a crush on the dumb, but big Bomb, and also attends Avian Acadamy

"We would like to honor the pigs with a special performance" - The Angry Birds Movie



The Angry Birds Movie

Voice Actor: Charli XCX (English)

I'm at the top because I'm the fan-favorite character!

Willow was one of the many birds who witnessed Leonard and Ross' arrival to Bird Island. Along with all the other birds, excluding Red, they accepted them as friends and as a token of their appreciation Willow, Stella, Dahlia, Poppy, Gale and other birds her performed a show to honor them. Willow was seen sitting in a table next to Dahlia, while the pigs demonstrated their new devices such as a trampoline and the slingshot, as she volunteered to be launched from it, but Red was chosen instead, but she and other birds all said "Fire!" and looked how far Red went.

After Red was launched, she was dancing with the other birds to Leonard, until Red crashed the party and told all of them that there are more Pigs on the island, due to Leonard saying that they are the only ones. Willow, like Judge Peckinpah, didn't believe Red as they booed at him and gave him a stern face, but was interested in the pigs performance.

Some time after the party, Willow, while she was crossing the street, was on a Pig for a Piggy Back Ride.

Willow then was invited to a Rave Party by the pigs and she was in the middle of the dance floor, along with Dahlia, Poppy and Matilda, but she was interrupted after Chuck told them that the Pigs are stealing their eggs. After the party, Willow saw the destruction of her home, and like all the other birds, felt bad for her actions or disbelieving Red, but she made up for it by helping Red build a boat to travel from Bird Island to Piggy Island. Willow was seen worrying about Red as he was about to be launched from Terence, but she was happy when she finds out that Red was alive.

But later as times were desperate, Willow was worrying who should go next, but Terence volunteered to sling himself to Leonard's castle, but he broke the slingshot, and all hope was lost

Willow then cheered for Red when he came out alive from Pig City's destruction, and helped to rebuild Bird Island. She and her friends walk past the Hug Trader, holding paint-buckets when requesting a hug, but this time, Willow and her friends hugged him and he was so happy, that they all fell down, and for saving the eggs, Willow and others, rebuild his house declaring him a member in their bird society.

Wow, and people thought I was useless

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Voice Actor: ?????? (English)

Willow was one of the many participants in the Speed Dating event on Bird Island, hosted by Pinky, where she briefly dated Bomb at one point.

She later was seen at Avian Acadamy, where Red, Bomb, Leonard, and Chuck, were recruiting Silver.

Willow, like the other residents on Bird Island, were shocked to discover that Mighty Mountain has been destroyed, and was celebrating Red going to save the day again and was there when the pigs revealed the Piggy Gadget Lab rising from the water.

She survived the attacks of the molten lava ice balls as she attended Mighty Eagle and Zeta's wedding, along with Poppy, Dahlia and Stella

Chuck you horny bastard...

IDW Angry Birds comics

Willow appeared along with her friend Stella with a Christmas present but is weirded out when Chuck shows up and has a mistletoe attached on his head. Monsters and Mistletoe

No Need For Speed

Willow was opening up a restraint


Willow (Angry Birds Action!).png

Angry Birds Action!

Willow appears in Angry Birds Action! as an icon in the game once the player finished a certain level.


Angry Birds Holiday

Originally, Willow was supposed to have a crafting studio but this game was canceled before it was put into it. Luckilly, a model of Willow appears in the game asking where her favorite seashell is.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Willow appears as one of the many bird attending a Christmas celebration.


  • Willow has the distinction of being the only Stella Flock member to appear in the Angry Birds comics, ailbeit as the cover but it's close enough!
  • As she voiced by the pop-star singer Charli XCX, Willow has consequently has a British accent.

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