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Will is a little hatchling who is friends with The Blues, Zoe, Ariana, Vincent, and Samantha.

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Will was one of the many hatchlings that were crossing the street much to Red's annoyance and later he was with a few other hatchlings that got on the motorcycle, before they took off screaming.

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Will goes into a chemical laboratory, he enters it, he jumps into the brewing table's chair, and mixes a few chemicals only to drink it which causes his body starts to swell up. Will starts to float away, and fails to stop it, thankfully Red walks in and notices the mess that Will made, as well him floating away. Red demands Will to come over where he is, but Will starts to drop a green substance and flys everywhere and make a mess, until he stops by hitting his face onto the door and he falls unconscious. Red picks him up, but Will drops the green substance which makes him tired and he drops him into the floor.

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