Angry Birds: VR Isle of Pigs in a nutshell

Plot Edit

Red walks normally until he notices VR 2000 goggles, looks for left and right and then wears them. A screen starts and shows a mountainous green place with a lake near to it, Red notices he has gloves and starts looking in the place, which he is in fact walking in the innovation lab. Then, he walks near to Janitor Pig , which a flower starts growing in the place, Red starts to smell it but actually, what he was smelling was Janitor Pig's tail. He screams as he notices the bad smell, a dragonfly flies next to him (In the VR goggles), which he tries to destroy it by jumping, running (Which smashes a pile of VR 2000 dummies) , he then runs near to Janitor Pig, which makes the pig scared. Red starts to aproach his hands to the Dragonfly (Which was Janitor Pig's head), then destroy it, which he slaps Janitor Pig's head, making him dizzy, Red wears the goggles off and goes away, Janitor Pig gets confused.

YouTube Description Edit

Red visits the innovation lab and finds that the latest in virtual reality may be a little too real.

Characters Edit

Birds Pigs
  • Delivery Pig

Angry Birds References Edit

  • At the end of the episode, Red, Chuck and Bomb are driving their go-karts from Angry Birds Go!

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