Plot Edit

Jay, Jake, and Jim were playing with a frisbee as Chef Pig spied from the bushes. Seeing the perfect opportunity to steal the eggs, he ordered a Minion Pig disguised as one of the Blues to take the eggs.

When Jay, Jake, and Jim went to pick up the misthrown frisbee, they saw the disguised minion pig. However, they weren't fooled by it but pretended that he was one of them just to pull off pranks on him. The fake bird wanted to play with them but they just threw the frisbee right at his face. Chef Pig was not pleased with what was happening but stayed hidden.

Afterwards, the Blues got on a skateboard on top of a cliff and rode it down, and encouraged the disguised Minion Pig to do the same. Worried, he rode down too but crashed at the bottom of the sloped cliff. The Blues then took the Minion Pig to a pond, where Chef Pig was getting more disappointed.

Once they got to the pond, the Blues, wearing assorted swimming caps, first dove into the pond, though the Pig fared not as gracefully. They went on to play several games, all of which injured the Minion Pig.

Eventually, with Chef Pig still watching, the Minion Pig attempted to steal the Eggs, but the Blues took the Minion Pig to the Slingshot, which disappointed Chef Pig even more. The Blues got ready to launch the Minion Pig at full force but not before taking away his beak, which meant all along, they knew he was a pig, causing Chef Pig's plan to fail.

Then the disk from earlier landed near Chef Pig, frightening him, and the Blues closed in.

As the credits rolled, the Blues could be heard launching Chef Pig as well by using the Slingshot. Just as they released the slingshot, he screamed.

Characters Edit

The Flock Bad Piggies
The Blues (1-3) Chef Pig (4)
Piggy McCool (5)
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