This is how Pigs began becoming cannibals

Plot Edit

King Pig was peacefully sleeping in his castle, until Chef Pig arrived to wake him up, surprising him in the process. After Chef Pig quieted him down, he brought him to a secret room, where a large wooden egg stood (King Pig does not realize that he left his crown behind). King Pig was impressed, and Chef Pig quickly shoved him inside the egg and locked him in there. He then pushed the egg all the way to the birds' nest.

After sunrise, Red and Chuck noticed the wooden egg at their nesting spot and were confused as to why was there suddenly an extra egg. King Pig then laughed out loud, then spotted the birds' eggs near him. He smelt the eggs, but then turned around and continued to laugh. Red and Chuck were unamused and decided to get rid of this obvious fake egg.

Meanwhile, a Minion Pig guard was sleeping near the gate. He heard a knock and was shocked to see a large egg. He then saw who sent this egg; Red, Chuck, and a heart on it. He realizes that it represented Red and Chuck handing over one of their eggs for them to eat. The Minion Pigs gathered by the hundreds to have a party with the large egg. King Pig heard the pigs cheering and laughing, so he decided to join in, until he felt he was being burnt. This was due to the Minion Pigs cooking the fake egg, not realizing that King Pig was inside.

Chef Pig was going about his walk when he realized in horror that King Pig was about to be eaten when suddenly, he realized that if King Pig was gone, he could become the new king. He then proceeded to sit on the throne and then wear the crown. Fortunately for King Pig, the egg exploded and sent him flying back to the castle. In the castle, Chef Pig sits on the throne, wearing King Pig's crown and starts laughs evilly, but King Pig lands on him and the crown lands on King Pig's head. King Pig feels tired and really hot so he is ready to attack the day. At the bottom of King Pig, Chef Pig's snout and mustache are seen freed.

In the credits, King Pig can still be heard laughing.

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