The Prank Wars is just beginning!


Jake is seen setting down a cake on a tree stump, and then he whistles for his other siblings, Jay and Jim, to have a picnic, but then Jake sees a Golden Mighty Eagle trophy and he runs and goes straight for it. Just as Jake grabs the trophy, he gets hanged upside down trapped in the vine.

Jay then comes out and laughs at Jay for being stuck in the trap, then Jay sees a Mighty Eagle Comic Book, also on top of a vine, and as Jay grabs it and starts to read it, he gets stuck in another vine hanging upside down.

Jim, then laughs at both of his siblings for hanging upside down, and sees the cake that was set on the tree stump earlier. As he walks over there to get it, he notices a vine on the ground. Since he knows it's a prank, Jim decides to go on the picnic blanket, thinking it is safe, but he falls into a hole underneath the blanket. Jay and Jake then laughs at him, and Jim comes out of the hole with a plate on his head, looking angry at them. Jake then comes out of the bush and sees the Mighty Eagle statue, but once again it is on a vine, he accidentally steps on the vine causing apples to fly, but luckily he dodges all the apples and rushes to get the Mighty Eagle statue but before an apple hits him. Jay is then laughing at Jake behind a rock, and then he sees the Mighty Eagle comic book, hanging on a vine. Then, Jay notices a vine of the ground and releases a mallet which hits him. Then, Jim sees the cake but steps on the rake hitting him in the face. Then, Jake is going to get the Mighty Eagle trophy when the soccer ball hits him, then Jay is seen being pulled away by a rope, and Jim is seen swinging on a vine after Jay was pulled away. Then Jake gets catapulted away by a springy board. Then Jay is seen with a Flamethrower in a can behind a rock, and in another rock is Jim holding an apple with a bucket on Jim's head, While Jake is seen holding the cake with a white flag meaning to end this prank war, but Jay and Jim are skeptical at this truce, but Jake then takes a lick of frosting to taunting, but they are still skeptical, but sure enough, the walk towards Jake with his cake. After Jim and Jay come closer to Jake, Jim slaps Jay and gives Jake both the Mighty Eagle comic book, and the trophy as Jake starts to scream as Jim is cutting the cake, it explodes. As the smoke clears up, The Blues are covered in cake and they laughed until a cherry lands on top of Jay and Jake takes it and eats it, and then they all start to laugh while still covered in cake.

Toons.TV/YouTube DescriptionEdit

Jim, Jake and Jay tries to outdo one another for a prank.

Characters Edit

  • The Blues:
    • Jake (Blue Eyes) (1)
    • Jay (Green Eyes) (2)
    • Jim (Brown Eyes) (3)

Continuity Notes Edit

Real-Life references Edit

  • The episode's name is a pun on Armegaddon, a supposed prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times according to the Book of Revelation.
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