A Minion Pig Bounces too high, SKY HIGH!

Plot Edit

A Minion Pig wanders into a room with a trampoline. But the trampoline is inaccessible because there is a sign preventing the pig from jumping on the trampoline. The pig makes sure nobody is watching him, so he jumps onto the trampoline, but he does not seem to bounce. He numerously and angrily attempts to get himself to bounce. After these attempts, he sinks into the trampoline nervously, and gets launched onto the ceiling of the room. There, he notices a few pigs splatted onto the ceiling after jumping on the trampoline. Another pig shows up and breaks the fourth wall, gleefully smiling. The cycle then seems to continue.

Toons.TV Description Edit

A curious piggy comes across a trampoline for the first time. The little guy just can't resist jumping on it - even though he's not supposed to! See what happens when the trampoline really get going...

Featured Characters Edit

1 Minion Pig
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