Wow, an episode on Stella and Gale, this has never happened before.

Plot Edit

Stella is grabbing fruit from a tree but suddenly is Gale on the other side of a log they will fight but it starts to rain and lightning causes the trunk moves, Stella realizes that going to fall, they jump and fall on the ground after they found a Gale cave step up Stella and leaves in the rain, but Gale would not let her and taunted her, Stella gets angry and finds a plant but a few drops fell off a beam fell and frightened but hits Gale and manages to enter the cave, after they look a totem pig a skunk out of the head, Stella and Gale were surprised by Gale put Stella in front of the skunk, the skunk will throw the stinky smell stella, Gale smells and made perfume, after Gale had cold and one tube Stella idea and is making a bed with sticks and leaves but do not know Gale, Stella sleep, Gale gets angry After crushing the sticks, Stella wakes up and grabs the bag and placed fruit and eat two fruits each, the skunk look at the fruits and grabs apple stella, and Gale all fruits ate and entoces start fighting for the bed and they begin to fight but collide fall back But Gale gave the totem, the head fell accidentally has the skunk , the skunk stink starts Gale she tries to escape, Stella gets serious and watch the sun came out and the rain stopped

Toons.TV Description Edit

A storm strikes and Stella and Gale seek shelter in the same cave. Conditions are perfect for conflict – close quarters, limited food, and what is that smell?! Who will lose their head first?

Characters (in order of appearance) Edit

Stella Flock Gales Army Others
Stella (1) Gale (2) Skunk (3)

Errors Edit

  • Stella is not listed in the credits, but she appears in this episode.
  • Poppy is listed in the credits, but she doesn't appear in this episode.
  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.

Trivia  Edit

  • This is the first episode from 2016 to be on countdown before the premiere on the app.
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