One little hatchling befreinds her food.

Plot Edit

A worm was digging underground until he hit himself in the head with a rock, so this gives Samantha the chance to grab it from the ground and it tries to escape but she grabs on to it, becoming it's friend.

So Samantha gives the Worm a ride in a baby carriage, reads a book to him, sleeps with it, with Samantha cuddling it like a Teddy Bear, having a Tea Party with him, and dressing him up, and they are having the best time of their lives.

Until, one night, Samantha finds out that the worm has gone missing! She looked everywhere for it, until she saw Dylan eating a worm, but she choked the worm out of his mouth and tossing him away. As she is scared to see her friend die, the worm that she befriended comes in and hugs the worm for missing him.

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Angry Birds references Edit

  • When the worm hit his head on the rock, he uses the voice clip of Chuck from the original game.

Real-Life references Edit

  • The name of this short is a reference to the famous saying, "The Early Bird Catches the Worm"
  • The book Samantha is reading to the worm is entitled "Goodnight Worm", which is a reference to a classic kids book, "Goodnight Moon".

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