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Get used to us for 4 more years

The Blues (individually named: Jay, Jake and Jim) are three fiesty little hatchlings, but watch out! They do have the power to split apart, but hey! game accuracy! But nonetheless, they are under the protective care of Olive and Greg and is friends with Zoe, Will, Ariana and Jay even has a crush on Samantha..

They also have individual personalities: Jay is the smart and clever one, Jake is the tough one and Jim is the stupid one.

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The Blues (Cute)


The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor(s): (Jay), Owen Wilder Vaccaro (Jake), Pierce Gagnon (Jim) (English)

The Blues were in their Egg during the events of when they were taken by the pigs

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor(s): JoJo Siwa (Jay) (English)

Angry Birds Blues Edit

Voice Actor(s): Heljä Heikkinen (Jay), Vilppu Uusitalo (Jake) & Vertti Uusitalo (Jim)

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Happy Father's Day from the Hatchlings! Edit

Jay and two more unnamed Hatchlings, for Father's Day, wanted to spend time with their daddy, but unfortunately he was sleeping while watching a sports game, and she then decided to make a card instead, and left.

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Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Jay is a playable character in Angry Birds Evolution in the Angromedon armor.

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  • In the first international trailer, The Blues were colored in a different color than what they are now, potential SPOILERS!!!
  • To differentiate The Blues, each of them has different eye colors: In The Angry Birds Movie: Jay has Blue eyes, Jake has Green eyes and Jim has Brown eyes, well apparently in Angry Birds Blues, all of their eye colors are mixed up. Now Jake has the Blue eyes and Jay has the green eyes, but Jim still has brown eyes
  • In the second Film, Jay has a different hairstyle than what he had in the first film that led fans to believe that he was a female because John Cohen said so and people thought it was a fourth blue, but it was later confirmed that it is still the same Jay we all know and love
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