The Angry Birds Movie (Angry Birds in other countries) is an CGI animated action-adventure fantasy comedy movie released on May 20, 2016, with executive producers by John Cohen, Catherine Winder, Mikael Hed, David Maisel and directed by both Clay Katis and Fergal Reilly (both in their directorial debuts)

Red, an outcast on Bird Island, discovers stangers coming into the island, with their plot to steal and eat the eggs for lunch. It's up to Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the mysterious Mighty Eagle to stop Leonard of his plans

Synopsis Edit

Bird Island is an island inhabited by flightless birds. Red was running through the forest in a hurry to get somewhere with a wooden egg. Red was revealed to be a reclusive, grumpy red bird outcast prone to hissy fits. He is a clown whose job is to entertain hatchlings on their birthdays. After failing his latest client because of his temper, he was sent to bird court where the honorable Judge Peckinpah, who stands on another bird named Cyrus and covers him with a robe, sentenced Red to anger management class. The class is taught by Matilda who was an angry bird herself. Among the birds in the class are Chuck, a fast yellow bird who caused problems with a bird cop, Bomb, a gentle blackbird who tends to literally explode whenever he gets surprised or upset, and Terence, a giant red bird who only growls. The class failed to improve Red's attitude and he attacked a sign made by Chuck.

One day, while taking the class, Red and the other birds in his class were informed by Stella that something was coming to the island, which turned out to be a large boat. A pig named Leonard and his smaller assistant, Ross, the Freckled Pig, arrive from the boat and say they are from Piggy Island. Leonard greeted the birds and claimed to be a peaceful explorer bringing offerings of friendship. They were immediately accepted on the island, as more and more pigs began to arrive at the island, without hesitation from the birds, except Red.

Eventually, the pigs adjusted to society. After Red asked Leonard that if he was actually an explorer, then why the pigs were still on the island, and why more were coming. Peckinpah warned Red to steer clear of the pigs, refusing to believe his accusations about the pigs. He recruited Chuck and Bomb to help him find Mighty Eagle, a giant eagle who was said to be the protector of the island, and the only bird that could fly. After searching for a few days, they found his "Lake of Wisdom" on top of Bird Mountain and discover the Mighty Eagle. Chuck and Bomb swam, drank and played in the water. Red then heard a huge sound of footsteps and quickly told them to hide. Approaching out of his cave, the Mighty Eagle appeared. Red, Chuck and Bomb were in awe. Then, he peed in the lake, causing the birds to be disgusted, especially Chuck and Bomb. As Red attempted to tell Mighty about his suspicions about the pigs, the Mighty Eagle was revealed to be a lazy, boastful retired bird, who has not flown in years. Angry with Mighty, Red and his friends left after Red saw the pigs planting TNT around the island, confirming Red's suspicion of the pigs correct, as they were stealing the birds' eggs while the residents were distracted by a party started by the pigs far from the village. After discovering that the pigs were stealing every egg on the island, Red and Bomb attempted to retrieve the eggs while Chuck ran to alert the rest of the island's residents about the theft-in-progress. Red and Bomb failed to stop the pigs, who left in their boat and in the process, the TNT destroyed the village.

When the birds arrived at the beach the following morning, Peckinpah apologized to Red for not listening to him. Seeing the depressed birds, Red rallied them to let their anger lose for once and set sail for Piggy Island in order to retrieve the stolen eggs. The birds constructed a boat from the supplies left behind by the pigs, set sail and eventually landed on Piggy Island. The pigs were revealed to live in a walled city, with a giant castle in the center. After Red saw a painting of Leonard wearing a crown by the castle entrance, he realized that Leonard was the pigs' king and that the eggs were most likely in the castle. Using the giant slingshot, the birds attack the pigs by slinging birds such as Hal and Bubbles at them but failed to reach the castle. Red, Chuck, and Bomb made it to the castle and found that the eggs were in a boiler room to be cooked and eaten by the pigs. They managed to enter when Chuck defeated the guards.

Before they could save the eggs, Red was captured by Leonard, now King Mudbeard and threatened to boil Red. Chuck and Bomb managed to enter the room. Mighty Eagle then saw the conflict from Bird Island, and then flew into the castle, trying to carry the eggs out. As the birds escaped, Leonard grabbed Red by the leg and a blue egg fell out, making its way back to the castle. Deciding to risk his life, Red went to save the egg from Leonard and eventually flooded the castle with the boiling liquid the pigs were using to cook the eggs. Red outsmarted Leonard and took back the egg, leaving the King and the entire pig island to be destroyed with TNT in the castle basement that the pigs had used during their heist, taking refuge in the giant overturned pot the eggs were going to be cooked in. After the explosion, the birds mourned the death of Red, but he emerged with the egg (which has hatched, revealing 3 blue birds) and was hailed a hero. When approached by Mighty Eagle, the giant bird claimed that he was not really lazy and made Red, Chuck and Bomb lose faith in him to teach them to find faith in themselves.

Later, the birds appeared to give Mighty Eagle all the credit for the egg rescue, while Red humbly took it in stride. However, he discovered that the birds have rebuilt his house as a sign of gratitude and Red decided that it would be better in life to be part of a community. Red, Chuck and Bomb became roommates. In the credits, it is revealed that a few of the pigs have survived, while Leonard was hatching a new plan to steal the eggs. Then, Jay, Jake, and Jim used the slingshot to launch themselves out to sea.

Quotes Edit

(Launched into the air and proceeds to flap his wings rapidly) "I'm flying!" (looks down) "nope, still can't fly!" (screams as he falls from the sky)

Red demonstrating the most consistent trait (or lack of) applied to almost all of the Bird Island's population. "Perhaps you never heard the joke, why don't birds fly? I'ma tell you why, because, where else would we ever want to go?"

(everyone in the court except Red starts laughing historically)

"Wow, not a good joke."

Judge Peckinpah and almost every other birds demonstrates their bad sense of humor, Red is unimpressed.

"We would like to honor the pigs with this special performance."


"Mister Red! ...what do we do now?"

"wa-hold on, you're asking me?"

"You knew, you tried to tell us, but we didn't listen, I didn't listen."

Judge Peckinpah asking Red for help after realizing that he is a terrible leader.

"We'll start by replacing those kids, ladies get busy! We're going to lay some eggs tonight!

Chuck getting his inner Quagmire on.

Red: We're not gonna replace those kids! we're gonna get'em back!

Matilda: How are we gonna do that?

Red: I mean how, the pigs already showed us how. [points at the trail of wreckage in the water left behind by the pig] that, is where they went, and so that, is where we're going!

Judge Peckinpah: But how do we get from here to there? I'm not aquatic in the least.

Red: Well, I-ya know uh, we're gonna build our own boat.

[The crowd of birds are confused]

Red: They stole your kids- no, they stole our kids! I mean who does that? have you ever stolen anyone's children? huh? have you? [looks at the hug trader] I mean you look like you would, and you know what? I'm a little bit angry, correction, I'm really angry, and I don't think I'm the only one. Come on, we're birds! we're descended from dinosaurs! we're not supposed to be nice, right?

Petunia: [Screams like a dinosaur]

Red: Uh, yeah! point made! who else here is angry!?

[The crowd of birds cheers in agreement]

Random birds: I am!

Red: Yeah you are! we're getting our kids back, and I don't need any calm, detached, happy birds, not gonna help us, don't need it, I need some angry flocking birds! ya hear me? now who's angry!?

[The crowd of birds becomes a enraged mob]

Red: Well let's go!

—They are no longer your normal cheerful birds anymore, they are now terrorists angry birds!

"My royal subjects! traitorous birds have repaid our friendship with a unprovoked act of aggression, the attack will fail, we have glass, we have wood, we have TNT! we tried to kill them with kindness, and now we're just gonna have to, well, ya know...

Leonard "responds to the birds' declaration of war" despite starting the whole conflict in the first place by destroying Bird Village and taking the eggs.

Cast and Characters Edit

Birds Pigs Other
Main Cast:


  • Jade Petty John as Hatchling 
  • Grant Palmer as Hatchling 
  • Brianna Gentilella as Hatchling 
  • Samuel Faraci as Hatchling 
  • Kallan Holley as Hatchlings 


Main Cast:


Billy the Sign (Catherine Winder)

Angry Birds references Edit

  • When Red asked for feedback on his cake delivery in the beginning of the film, he asked Edward and Eva, "On a scale of 1 to 3 stars, what would you say about my performance?", referencing the star-scoring system in the games.
  • In the scene where the chandelier with Leonard and Red is falling down through Leonard's castle, some Piggy Tales episodes were seen. Like Dr. Pork, M.D can be seen briefly on a TV in a room and when the pot falls through the castle, another Piggy Tales episode, The Catch, can be seen briefly on the TV in the room.
  • There are many in-game sounds in the movie. In the opening credits, Red kicks away the Soccer Boy Bird, which makes Matilda's battle cry in the original slingshot games, and when Red, Chuck, and Bomb find the pigs in the boat, the pigs make a noise that resembles their laughing sound effect that plays when a player fails a level in most of the slingshot games.
  • Chuck said "It's Chuck Time!" when he was charging towards the fallen pipe that leads to inside the pig castle's dining room, possibly a reference to the first episode of Angry Birds Toons called "Chuck Time."
  • When the birds are launched from the slingshot, they tuck their legs under their wings, which gives their appearances a spot-on match to their game counterparts.
  • Characters from Angry Birds Stella (minus Luca and Handsome Pig) has made cameos in multiple scenes throughout the film.
  • In a deleted scene, Mighty Eagle was on his recliner chair and was eating a can of sardines, a item that is used to summon the Mighty Eagle in the slingshot games.

Real-life references Edit

  • Hamlet - One of the posters that was seen in the castle was Hamlet
  • The Shining - In the scene where Chuck opens all of the doors in Leonard's castle, Red opens a door and sees two pigs wearing blue, frilly dresses, having black rings around their eyes, and holding each other's hooves. Two seconds later, these pigs say "Redrum..." in unison, which when reversed spells "murder". Then, a reflection of the Grady Pigs is shown in Red's eyes while Red says, "Uh..nevermind!", and closes the door. These pigs are clearly a parody of the Grady Twins from the famous horror movie, The Shining.
  • Calvin Klein - The pigs has a brand of clothing called Calvin Swine, which a nod to the famous fashion company
  • Fifty Shades of Grey - A book is titled Fifty Shades of Green, which is a reference to the novel and movie of the same name
  • Jurassic Park/World - Petunia roars like the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the famous Universal movie, Jurassic Park.
  • Dr. Seuss - A pig holds a sign that says "Green Ham and Eggs!," which is a reference to an infamous Dr. Seuss book: Green Eggs and Ham.
  • The Creation of Adam - The painting that Terence paints during Matilda's anger management course is a parody of the painting The Creation of Adam.
  • Photobombing - The famous meme is represented when Bomb was "Photobombing" the Woodpecker's picture. HA! THEY MADE A FUNNY!
  • Instagram - When Photog says, "Instaham!", it is a reference to the famous internet photo app of the same name.
  • When Phillip went to the Apple Store on Bird Island and put the apple on to his head, it is a reference to the famous iPhone created by Apple.
  • Mighty Eagle's Cave contains a picture frame entitled: Hotel California "Eagles", a reference to the band's song.

Animation and technical errors Edit

  • For some reason, hatchlings only have two toes on their feet, but grown birds (Except for Matilda and Judge Peckinpah who also have two toes) have three toes on their feet, but we're not sure if it's really an error or it's just a change that usually occurs during bird-puberty, so for now, we're just going to blaming the illuminati.
  • In the Bird Court scene, Johnny carved a picture of Red and Timothy's family in their classic style, but for some reason, in the scene where the pigs arrive, Johnny carves a picture of himself and (accidentally) Bomb in their movie forms.
  • As Red and Bomb dangled from the net of eggs stolen by the Pigs, who were making their escape via boat, Leonard incorrectly told his minions to "Get him off of there!" instead of the correct plural term "Get them off of there!"
  • When the Pigs first arrive, Leonard calls his home island "Piggy Island." But when the birds invade, he calls it "Pig Island."

Changes before final release Edit

  • Originally, in the scene where the people of Bird Island are putting a show on for the pigs, the music is a guitar string song instead of Explode, and it also cuts the part where Red apologizes to Chuck for destroying Billy, why it was cut? god knows why.
  • Gale was originally was supposed to be the secret secondary villain of this film.
  • Some cast members that were supposed to be in this film but was ultimately scrapped was:
    • Diedrich Bader as Gerald the Flamingo
    • Dave Foley as Timmy the Gull
    • Jack Black as Johnny the Gull
    • Conrad Vernon as Lucky the Turkey
    • Austin Pendilton as Lenny the Goose
    • Alan Tudyk as Jeremy the Chicken
    • Cheech Marin as Pachy the Pig
    • Micheal McShane as Oink the Pig
    • Jeffery Garcia as Snorts the Pig
    • Bob Bergen as Oscar the Pig
    • Corey Burton as Leo the Pig
    • Rodger Bumpass as Larry the Pig
    • John DiMaggio as Bart the Pig
    • Patrick Pinney as Bun the Pig
    • Jan Rabson as Mike the Pig
    • Jack Angel as Phil the Pig
    • John Cygan as Harry the Pig.

Future Edit

Notes Edit

  • This is the third time Angry Birds characters have limbs, but it is the second time when it is organic limbs instead of robotic ones.
  • This film was in production since 2011, explaining why the movie didn't came out until the franchise was over 6 years old.
  • This is the second time where the birds of the Stella flock and the original flock were seen together in the same media, and no, the endless amount of fanfictions on the Internet that came before it doesn't count.


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