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Terence does look mean, and well IS mean, he does have a romantic interest of Matilda though.

Fiction Edit

Films Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Sean Penn

Before the events of the movie, Terence has done some unknown things.

At the present day, Terence is one of the students at Matilda's Anger Management Class, along with Bomb and Chuck and he was grunting to Red.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Nolan North

After the events of the first film, he and Matilda got married and had four children, Zoe and her sisters. He was participating in the Prank Wars by doing a cannonball with Red, Chuck, and Bomb to cause a massive tidal wave to Piggy Island, but not before the pigs dump crabs onto all the birds.

After the Prank Wars, and the Pigs have considered the truce, he was reading the newspaper when Zoe wanted to borrow her sisters for their little game.

Angry Birds comics Edit

Terence (Movie) - Spaceman

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cherry Pie

Big Movie Eggstavaganza Edit

The Princess and the Clown - Terence was at the Bird Island costume party dressed up as a spaceman.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Action! Edit

Terence was one of the playable characters in Angry Birds Action

Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Toys Edit

Notes Edit

  • Like his Toons counterpart, he can "teleport" from anywhere he goes, he does this when seeing the pigs arriving, and when he rescues the birds from the pig army.
    • Also like his Classic counterpart, he grunts a lot, but unlike the Classic version, he shows a little more expression as he can smile, cry, and move!
  • He has a love interest of Matilda which it is confirmed in the sequel that they are married and have kids.
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