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Terence is a very big bird! He's the kind of fellow that doesn't need to say much for his friends to get his meaning... which is good, because he is known for keeping his beak shut. He says so much with just a STARE... okay, he says everything with a STARE. He has a very unpredictable thought process, so you can never anticipate what he will do or where he will go, and don’t even bother make him tell you, the guy doesn’t even speak words! He is not only unpredictable, but his history is also a mystery, his origin is unknown at best, and nobody seem to know a single part of his past at all, and it’s unknown where he was hatched in the first place, none of the questions have a clear answer to them at all, the only detail of his past that was ever confirmed was that he and Red is in the same bird species, which makes a lot of sense when you realize how much they’re physically identical to each other.

The only instance where Terence isn’t unpredictable is when he is smashing piggy fortresses, his massive body pretty much makes him a wrecking ball that can smash almost anything he lands on, no pigs are safe when this behemoth is flying towards them! Body slamming into pigs and blocks is something Terence seems to really enjoy doing, in fact, it’s the only thing Terence seems to get enjoyment out of besides stalking other birds or pigs or simply being a inconvenience to them.

He also apparently prefers to sleep on his beak, which hides his face and makes him look like a ordinary boulder, to the pigs anyway.

Games[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Pull bird in slingshot and aim at building, step 2: Release bird to cause mass property damage.

Angry Birds[edit | edit source]

The big brother made his debut in The Big Setup update, his physical appearance says a lot about his stats, he is basically just a more larger version of Red, he has no particular abilities besides grunting, and just like Red, Terence is very bouncy! the only difference between the two is their sizes, since Terence is a lot more massive, he can hit a lot harder. making him basically a wrecking ball.

Angry Birds Seasons[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Rio[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Space[edit | edit source]

When transformed into space, Terence was now called, The Incredible Terence (often known as Monster Bird). He is now green in color instead of red like his smaller brother, Red. The Incredible Terence is capable of immense destruction due to his size and girth. His new skin color and large size resembles the Hulk. His Noise ability, unlike Captain Red, has a roaring noise like Hulk.

Angry Birds Friends[edit | edit source]

He appears in the game similar to his normal version but he has a secret identity known as Wingman!

Angry Birds Star Wars[edit | edit source]

See: Chewbirdca

Angry Birds Star Wars II[edit | edit source]

See: Chewbirdca

Angry Birds Go![edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Epic[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Transformers[edit | edit source]

Terence in all his forms is slow. He moves slow, he attacks slow. But he can take more punishment than most any other member of the Autobirds and Deceptihogs, shrugging off laser blasts, missiles, and even Walking Mortar Tower lava-balls and falling Monoliths easily. However, it's easy to rely on his durability too much and not notice how much life has been chipped away.

As Sentinel Prime, Terence looks ridiculously close to Heatwave, so much so Chuck decided "screw it" and gave Sentinel black accents, earning Chuck a STARE.

As Heatwave[edit | edit source]

  • SquadRescue Bots
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: New Area (300 pigs)

The first version of Terence has a very slow attack, but daaang does it pack a wallop. Terence fires off a blast into the sky, and a few painfully long seconds later, a bar of light descends and carves through whatever's underneath it. With a few level-ups, this beam is a force of pure obliteration: blocks, pigs, Mortar Towers... gone. Solid gone. The only problem is the long wait time before it connects, but interestingly, between the time the attack launches and lands, you can actually change the target as you like.

This weapon, however, makes him terrible at shooting down missiles. It's the luckiest of luck to do so. You're better off equipping him with the Electroblast or Shieldor Energonicon to stop as many as possible, though a decently-timed partner call-in can work as well.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Hard Hat Head Common 50 +5% Defense
Trilby Head Rare 350 +10% Damage
Helmet Head Epic 650 +20% Faster Reload
Lion Hat Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Sunglasses Face Common 50 +5% Transform Power
Ramhorn Chest Rare 900 +20% Vehicle Time Actually sits on Heatwave's shoulder
Eject Arms Uncommon 650 +10% Vehicle Time
Axe Arms Rare 325 +10% Fire Rate

As Sentinel Prime[edit | edit source]

How doomed you are Deceptihogs, you simply fail to understand, that the needs of the many, out way the needs of the few.

  • SquadLeaders
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: New Area (800 pigs)

Sentinel-Terence's weapon functions almost identically to Heatwave's, except it generates two additional beams that auto-targets other block towers. If there are three structures, and the two outer ones are closer and farther to you than the middle one, the beams will all generally land on the structures. This is a tad unreliable though, as the beams aren't sentient, so presumably Sentinel Prime has bad aim. These extra beams don't pack nearly the punch of the primary aimed beam however, which is itself less powerful than Heatwave's single beam. Still, the aimed beam is more than enough to obliterate a Walking Mortar Tower in most instances.

Sentinel retains Heatwave's uselessness against missiles, so get a decent Energonicon to compensate .

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Vehicle Time
Hard Hat Head Common 50 +5% Defense
Hat Head Epic 550 +10% Explosive Force
Mohawk Head Epic 600 +20% Faster Reload
Lion Hat Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Stranglehold Chest Rare 450 +10% Damage Actually sits on Sentinel's shoulder
Sword Arms Epic 650 +10% Fire Rate
Shield Arms Uncommon 325 +10% Defense

As Ratchet[edit | edit source]

  • SquadRescue Bots
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event (4000 Tokens)

Ratchet actually adds a bit of speed to Terence. Sure, his foot speed is only marginally quicker, but his attacks? Hoo boy. Once something is targeted, Ratchet launches a thin beam of energy into the sky, which quickly drops down into the target, tearing through anything in between. This attack actually works better with a dragging back-and-forth motion across multiple targets, which rains down blazing electric death from above. This also makes him the only Terence-bot who can reliably shoot down missiles. As with Grimlock Bird, the attack will overheat and lock up if used too much too frequently, but thankfully cools down when not in use.

Unfortunately, Terence in all his forms remains absolutely awful against Boss Pig and Unicron Pig. His beam seems to have a hard time connecting, leaving you to try and just shoot down missiles the entire run.

Ratchet was made available in the "Medic!" Challenge Event, the only character to unlock during the Event (and his Accessories, of course).He and all of the other Challenge Event unlockables were also made available in the "2-Year Celebration" Event. On day five of this Event, the game offered the purchasable "Ratchet Bundle" for $29.99, which contained his Stranglehold accessory (or 1000 tokens), 600 Gems, and Ratchet (or 5000 tokens.)

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Hard Hat Head Common 50 +5% Defense
Santa Hat Head Uncommon ??? +5% Defense
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Huffer Chest Epic 900 +10% Weapon Cooldown Actually sits on Ratchet's shoulder
Stranglehold Arms Rare 300 +10% Damage

As Hound[edit | edit source]

Come and get some you little piggy!

  • SquadTarget: 2006
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event (10000 Tokens),In-app purchase, Gold Crates

Terence-as-Hound may take his unique visual cues from the original Hound, but his fighting ability is far more in line with his heavily-armed live-action namesake. He combines the previous Terences' attacks into an absolutely devastating combo of an instant-hit laser strike (which sends any Piggie it doesn't pop spinning madly in place) with two larger beams that instantly rain down next to it, doing an unbelievable amount of damage in a mere second. The larger beams only appear once per attack, so quick swipes and taps work best. And with a very short cooldown period, Terence-Hound is unquestionably the best block buster of all the Terences.

Hound was first available in the mid-December Challenge Event simply called "Hound". He could be bought for 10000 Tokens, with bonus score from Pigs and holiday smashables. Or purchased with real money as usual. Or he can be pulled as a legendary prize from gold crates.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Common 100 +5% Damage
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Santa Hat Head Uncommon 50 +5% Defense
Cannon Arms Legendary 900 +10% Weapon Cooldown
Ramhorn Chest Rare 650 +10% Damage Actually sits on Hound's shoulder

As Ironhide[edit | edit source]

Leakin' Lubricant!

  • SquadPure Warriors
  • Mission Type: Firepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event (10000 Tokens),In-app purchase, Gold Crates

Terence-as-Ironhide is designed to look like his G1 counterpart, even to retool the existing body-type to look like his van alt-mode. Ironhide fires a trio of orbital defense cannons like Sentinel Prime, but they fire much faster and they come in from a diagonal angle.

As Officer Ratchet[edit | edit source]

  • SquadOfficers
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: War Pass

This new version of Ratchet was added to the game as part of War Pass season 3, which will go live on 1 August. As always, the game already previews him by sometimes enabling the player to choose him as a buddy.

His weapon is some kind of merge of original Ratchet’s and Ironhide’s weapon: a thin instant hit beam from above and one or two diagonal thick beams that rain down on other non-targeted structures.

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Voice Actor: (Finnish)

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Angry Birds Transformers comic[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Transformers issue 1[edit | edit source]

After the Bad Piggies had stolen a batch of the Flock's eggs, Terence accompanied his fellow birds on a raid to retrieve them. Chuck managed to foul up Red's attack plan, causing the Bad Piggies' building to collapse on top of the flock while King Pig and his minions escaped. Despite being buried in rubble, Terence managed to emerge unscathed by virtue of being... well, Terence. As the other birds began to argue over their failure to recapture their eggs, the Blues flew off to try and take on the Pigs on their own. Upon noticing this, Terence and the others began to look for their companions, though Terence found it to be a waste of time. The Blues soon found them, and informed the rest of the Flock that a mysterious "EggSpark" was transforming the Bad Piggies into much more formidable "Deceptihogs."

Age of Eggstinction![edit | edit source]

By the time Terence and most of the Flock came upon the EggSpark, it had already transformed Hal and Chuck into "Grimlock Bird" and "Bumblebee Bird" respectively. The Birds puzzled over their friends' new forms, especially their strange new appendages. Terence was the one to point out that the appendages were called "arms and legs." Despite initial misgivings, the rest of the birds were convinced to touch the EggSpark themselves to be granted robotic bodies of their own. Upon becoming "Heatwave Bird," Terence felt an instant need to exposit about himself and his new personality. On Optimus Prime Bird's order, Heatwave Bird and the rest of the Autobirds transformed and rolled out into action. They soon caught up to the Deceptihogs, which led to a confrontation with the mischievous pigs. Heatwave Birds faced off against Galvatron Pig, defeating him by standing steadfast while his opponent rammed into him. The battle came to an abrupt end when the Flock's eggs, having been previously exposed to the EggSpark, sprouted mechanical arms and legs, multiplied, and proved themselves to be extremely hostile.

Revenge of the Fowlin'![edit | edit source]

The two factions agreed to join forces in order to take on this new threat, and Heatwave Bird hurled himself into the fray alongside his friends and foes to take on the Eggbots. The battle did not go well, and the EggBots' rampage threatened to destroy the whole of Piggy Island. The joint Autobird-Decepticon alliance changed tactics, and Heatwave Bird was tasked with capturing an Eggbot to study it. But Galvatron Pig, assigned to the same group as Heatwave Bird, proved himself too volatile to follow orders, and began blasting away at the eggs. Intent on stopping him once more, Heatwave Bird challenged Galvatron Pig to a one-on-one match. He lost the confrontation when he attempted to transform, and accidentally assumed the form of a "dancing plant" novelty toy instead of his truck mode. Galvatron Pig charged into him at full speed, sending Heatwave Bird clear over the horizon. Luckily, Heatwave Bird landed in the sling of a giant slingshot, and was hurled back to his point of origin. Assuming his correct alternate form in mid-flight, Heatwave Bird landed fender-first atop of Galvatron Pig, and knocked him out. As he regained his bearings, Heatwave Bird had to contend with Soundwave Pig's treachery, as the Deceptihog stood back and allowed a battalion of Eggbots to surround Heatwave Bird. Heatwave Bird managed to defeat the lot by himself, and brought the rest of his team back, along with a captured Eggbot, to Optimus Prime Bird.

Hard Boiled[edit | edit source]

As the Autobirds and Deceptihogs scrutinized the captured Eggbot, they found themselves pressed for time as the EggSpark's influence continued to spread chaos across Piggy Island. Deducing that they simply needed to separate the EggSpark from the island to stop the land's ongoing metamorphosis, they charged into battle once more in a mad dash to reach the artifact. Heatwave Bird proved himself to work well alongside Soundwave Pig in the battle that ensued. As the 'bots reached the EggSpark, they found themselves betrayed by Starscream Pig, who coveted the EggSpark's power for himself. Though Heatwave Bird attempted to stop the traitor, he was knocked aside once again by Galvatron Pig, taking him out of the fight. The Autobirds nevertheless managed to catapult the EggSpark off-planet, and everyone was restored to their original forms. As the Flock reflected on the day's events, Terence opted to join Bomb and Bubbles in listening to Hal play his banjo

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