Stranglehold is a rhino

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Admit it, you kinda want this as a toy, don't you.

Stranglehold is an oddity, being a reskin of Ramhorn and only available as an "Accessory" character for the Autobirds rather than the Deceptihogs. On top of all that, he was originally called "Slamdance" when he was first added to the Accessory roster (despite having Stranglehold colors), but was quickly renamed a few updates later.

When equipped, he gives an increase to his partner's attack damage. This bonus can be increased with level upgrades, won from random-prize Crates or in the "Shockwave's Tower" mini-game.

He can be unlocked by purchasing him with Gems in the Barracks, with Tokens during specific Challenge Events, or won from Crates and Shockwave's Tower. 

Autobird Rarity Body Part Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Sentinel Prime Rare Body 300 +10% Damage
Ratchet Rare Arms 300 +10% Damage
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