Sonic the Hedgehog's favorite episode

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The episode starts with Red picking 3 Step Tracker boxes, he gives the purple box to Chuck , the yellow box to Bomb and Red keeps with the green box, they all pick their step trackers and then Red opens his arms and Bomb and Chuck hug him, starting the Step Counter Challenge. Red presses a green button which makes the running machines work and then the words Ready and then GO appear on the running machine's screen, the three start running, Red is serious, Chuck is calm and Bomb is tired which he defines the running machine from Slow to Crawl, he then rests. Chuck says to Red to look at the right, Red looks but doesn't sees nothing, he looks at Chuck, confused. Red then stops the machine, he looks at his tracker and shows it to Chuck, which the score was 6523, Chuck likes it  and shows his score to Red, which was 185,450,437 steps. Red gets confused which the scene reverses to the scene that Chuck tells to Red to look at the right, which shows that while Red was looking, Chuck went to a beach to drink lemonade, went to a library to read a book and then went to a playground to play in the slide. The scene then proceeds to the earlier scene, which Chuck ask to Bomb what was his score, Bomb wakes up and sees his tracker, which the score was 32 and happy with it, he backs to sleep.

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Red, Chuck, and Bomb get some snazzy new activity trackers and now there’s only one thing to do – step challenge! Place your bets on which of these birds can step their way to victory.

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Angry Birds references Edit

  • The main music that was playing in this episode was from Broken Chair, while when we see Chuck's flashback scene, it's the same music from Chuck Time.
  • This is the second time that Chuck from this universe uses his "Chuck Time" powers, the first was in the movie.
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