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does the annoying gesture intensely

Stella is your run of the mill, happy go lucky teenager. Though she does do this weird, gesture that is kind of annoying.

 Fiction  Edit

Films Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Kate McKinnon (English); Suzuko Mimori (Japanese), Cristina Hernández (Latin-America), Robin Martens (German), Patrícia dos Reis (Brazilian), Blaya (Portuguese), Paula Vesala (Finnish)

Some time before the events of when Bomb went to Anger Management Class, she was part of Bomb's surprise party, but unfortunately, she was blown up into the face.

Later, she was seen acting in the stage where Red was watching it and also told Red that she is happy to see him, but Red ultimately refuses the good compliment.

Later on, Stella told what is going on to Terence, Bomb Chuck, Red, and Matilda, and that something is coming to the island.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Angry Birds comics Edit

Life Guards - Stella is one of the few birds who wanted to be a lifeguard at a swimming pool. But after she tried to help someone in the pool, Matilda told her that she can't swim in her free will, and so, lost the job.

The Princess and The Clown - Stella was one of the people who wanted to go to a costume party, and she is dressed up as a princess. As she complains of her costume messing up, she and a clown eventually fell in love, and she even kissed him, but when she tries to find him, they never met and both of them went in the different direction.

Hypno Stella - Stella was apparently tired of everyone treating her like a teenager, so she went down to a convention and eventually learned how to hypnotize everyone on Bird Island. - Angry Birds: Big Movie Eggstravagaza

Angry Birds: Bubble Trouble Edit

Voice Actor: ?????

Games Edit

Angry Birds Holiday Edit

Stella appeared in the game, but it is unknown what role she had as the game was scrapped from development and was never released outside of soft launched. It can be assumed that perhaps she had her own building that the player could purchase, or was a roaming character on the map.

Angry Birds Dice Edit

Stella also appeared in Angry Birds Dice, and since we do not know what her abilities are

Notes Edit

  • According to the creators, the reason why she does the arm-pump is because the animators
    thought it was a funny inside joke so that when every time, Stella does something like do a motion, or speak, she always does that gesture.
  • She has a lisp.
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