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Of course the pink one is a girl, what else were you expecting!?

Stella is the kind of girl who is positive and optimistic most of the time, but if anyone rubs her feathers the wrong way, it’s no more Ms. nice bird! If you were to ask Stella what is the best thing about her life, she would probably say that it’s the freedom to do whatever she wants, and she has quite a few hobbies, like blowing bubbles, doing parkour, or skate boarding, and she is VERY good at doing those things! As for her skills in terms of battling the pigs, she has 2 signature tricks up her feathers, firstly, she can weaponize air bubbles by trapping enemies and objects into them, the bubbles will lift said enemies and objects into the air for a few seconds before dropping them and letting them get crushed by the gravitational force, another trick she has involves using a superpower that she possesses, this power, known as Pink Flash which allows Stella to fly to any directions in a straight line at a fast velocity, she can hit one target and push them far away, and than ricochet into another target and crush it completely! If there’s one thing you need to know before becoming friends with her, it’s the fact that she can sometimes be really stubborn, especially if someone tells her what to do, it is her greatest strength because she’ll always come up with her own ideas in most situations, but it is also her greatest weakness because she usually refuses to listen in on the ideas of others.

Games Edit


Bubble trouble

Angry Birds Seasons Edit

Stella's first debut in the Angry Birds Series was the Back to School theme, being introduced in a short animation for the episode. She is the fourth bird "introduced" in the episode, as all characters were given tutorial levels in this episode, though she was the only actual new character. After this appearance, she becomes a recurring playable character in various levels afterwards.

When she was first introduced, much controversy was caused, as many complained that she was extremely useless as a character, as she wouldn't be able to cause much damage. Many also complained that the "bubble" ability was very weak, as it would not (and still doesn't) do as much damage as the other birds are able to do.

When they released Back to School, Stella had been initially even weaker than she is currently, not even being able to shatter any bricks (nor able to even pop any pigs, which all birds were able to do with ease) Because of this, Stella first had to be used with a lot of planning and strategy, as she wasn't as easy to use as some of the other birds. (Bomb or Terence, whose very powerful abilities allowed them to demolish structures much better without as much effort)

Angry Birds Edit

After Stella's first introduction in Angry Birds Seasons, she was quickly added into the original Angry Birds game in the Birdday Party theme; being introduced in level 19-1. She then will be a playable character in the themes that follow on.

Her and Bubbles are the only two characters whose designs were not changed, as both characters had appeared once all the characters had been reverted to their "Chrome" designs.

Gameplay Edit

Stella can be extremely challenging at times. This is mostly due to the fact that her ability is extremely unreliable, along with the fact that she herself is not able to do much damage. If you attempt to knock over heavy structures, she will only be able to lift blocks that aren't being weighed down by others. If you are in a zone with TNT, other explosives, or many freed, open objects, then Stella may be able to do some significant damage by chance.

On her own, Stella will not be able to do much damage. She will only be able to shatter a single glass block, do slight damage to wood, and will merely bounce off stone blocks. (making her physically the weakest bird in Red's entire flock) Stella is most useful when she is surrounded by bricks that aren't covered up, so the best way to take advantage of her ability is to shoot her in between structures, and then release her ability the minute she falls in between the blocks.

Angry Birds Go! Edit

Angry Birds Stella Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

As Arcee Edit


Where is my Daniel?

  • SquadValkyries
  • Mission TypeScout
  • Unlock Type: Mission Prize, Special Event Prize

Arcee Bird is a "speedster" character, not as blindingly fast as Bumblebee but on-par with the likes of Jazz or Starscream. Her blaster unleashes a rapid-fire stream of force bubbles that don't pack very much destructive force, but have absolutely the most vicious "push" power of any attack in the game. One blast can send a piggy or a giant stone block flying to the far horizon. Like Galvatron Pig, she needs to be choosy in which blocks to push away to send towers toppling. However, she fires more blasts per burst at higher levels, and "dragging" the targeting reticule can send them in a broad swath rather than a concentrated blast. Angry Birds Transformers

At first, Arcee Bird could only be unlocked semi-randomly by sending characters away on Space Bridge Missions. Arcee would sometimes appear as part of the roulette wheel of prizes for the longest mission at a Bridge. Later, Arcee would become an unlockable character in the "Medic!" special event (running from August 23 through August 28 2016), and then again in the next event "Ride of the Valkyries (September 2 through September 7 2016). Both events focused on destroying a specific block type each day to earn Tokens to unlock prizes.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Daniel Head Epic 650 Incendiary Rounds Burns through "armored" enemies in Sparkruns
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Pilgrim Hat Head ??? ??? +10% Damage Thanksgiving Event exclusive
Festive Deely Bopper Head Rare 550 +10% Damage Holiday Accessory
Tree Topper Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Landlord Cap Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Noble Cap Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Sunglasses (3 colors) Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Sword Arms Epic 600 +20% Clip Size
Pistol Arms Rare 600 +10% Damage

As Airachnid Edit


What? You couldn't make me Gale? DAMN YOU ROVIO!

  • SquadValkyries
  • Mission TypeScout
  • Unlock Type: Mission Prize, Special Event Prize

When Arcee Bird came into the fray, the Eggbots got it in their... heads?... to try their cloning ploy again, this time with Arcee. And just like with Nemesis Prime Bird, it all went wrong and they went and gave the Autobird/Deceptihog alliance another warrior. Oops. Airachnid Bird may be a bit of a creepy loner, and nobody's really sure what she'll do if she finds the EggSpark, but there's no question she's no friend of the Eggbots.

Airachnid Bird is very similar to Arcee bird, being speedy and using force bubbles as a weapon. But where Arcee shoots a steady stream, Airachnid's blaster fires them in a shotgun-like spread. One bubble will be directly aimed at the intended target, but the others spread out. The higher her level, the more bubbles she fires at once. These bubbles don't quite pack the push-punch Arcee's does, but Airachnid can cut a broader swath of destruction with the right aim.

At first, Airachnid Bird could only be unlocked semi-randomly by sending characters away on Space Bridge Missions. Airachnid would sometimes appear as part of the roulette wheel of prizes for the longest mission at a Bridge. Later, Airachnid would become an unlockable character in the "Medic!" special event (running from August 23 through August 28 2016), and then again in the next event "Ride of the Valkyries (September 2 through September 7 2016). Both events focused on destroying a specific block type each day to earn Tokens to unlock prizes.

Despite being an Autobird, Airachnid uses Deceptihog Materials in her upgrades.

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!Accessory !Body Part !Rarity !Gem Cost !Base Effect !Notes |- |Headphones |Head |Uncommon |100 |+5% Damage | |- |Wooly Hat |Head |Rare |300 |+10% Damage |Holiday Event exclusive |- |Snowman |Head |Rare |300 |+10% Damage |Holiday Event exclusive |- |Noble Cap |Head |Epic |550 |+8% Defense |Chinese New Year exclusive |- |Landlord Cap |Head |Epic |550 |+8% Defense |Chinese New Year exclusive |- |Sunglasses (3 colors) |Face |Common |25 |+5% Transform Power | |- |Insecticon |Chest |Rare |350 |+10% Fire Rate | |- |Spider Legs |Back |Epic |600 |Acid Rounds | |}

As Chromia Edit


Terence x Stella anyone?

  • SquadValkyries
  • Mission TypeScout
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize (5000 Tokens)

Stella-as-Chromia as the mentor and bodyguard of Windblade Bird makes an appearance as the second new character of 2017. Her weapon is a halfway point between Arcee's and Airachnid's, as it fires a rapid succession of bubbles but with a bit of a random spread (not as wide as Airachnid's). Instead of pushing stuck-but-not-destroyed objects though, the bubbles can pull entire groups of objects towards the screen, giving you a really good close-up view of pigs as they fly forward. While this means some risk of taking minor damage from colliding into blocks, it actually makes Chromia the most destructive (and profitable) of the Stellas, as any blocks that go behind the "camera" are instantly destroyed.

Chromia was first teased in the "Valentine's Day" Challenge Event, but wasn't available to unlock until two events later in the "Red, White, and Blue" event.

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!Accessory !Body Part !Rarity !Gem Cost !Base Effect !Notes |- |Headphones |Head |Uncommon |100 |+5% Damage | |- |Sunglasses (3 colors) |Face |Common |25 |+5% Transform Power | |- |Guardian |Head |Epic |550 |+10% Defense | |- |Pistol |Arms |Rare |550 |+10% Damage |Actually mounted on her leg |}

As Novastar Edit

  • SquadFemme Fatelle
  • Mission TypeScout
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize (5000 Tokens)

Stella-as-Novastar was first avaliable with

Novastar's fire missle projectiles have an odd pattern. They slowly move left or right before rocketing towards the target, as it shoots out fir. Is it actually slow though? 

She is also known as Firestar, a reference to her original name (before trademark reasons ensued) and is friends with Moonracer (see below) and Inferno, though we don't have an Angry Birds Transformers character for him yet.

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!Accessory !Body Part !Rarity !Gem Cost !Base Effect !Notes |- |Headphones |Head |Uncommon |100 |+5% Damage | |- |Sunglasses (3 colors) |Face |Common |25 |+5% Transform Power | |- |Guardian |Head |Epic |550 |+10% Defense | |- |Pistol |Arms |Rare |550 |+10% Damage |Actually mounted on her leg |}

As Moonracer Edit

  • SquadWreckers
  • Mission TypeScout
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize

Both Stella and Moonracer have one thing in common: they are both feisty optimists, as they are both known for their joy and laughter as ignorance is bliss. Although she is all too aware that both friends and enemies don't take her seriously enough. (like most teenagers) In her anger has sharpened both her skills and practiced to be the best sharpshooter there is. (Ricochet may be a little bit jealous.)

Moonracer is a repaint of Novastar, which is fitting because both were the same mold for the Power of the Primes toyline, but unlike Novastar, she has bubbles that are like Nautica's water egg bombs.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Guardian Head Epic 550 +10% Defense
Pistol Arms Rare 550 +10% Damage Actually mounted on her leg

Angry Birds 2 Edit

 Commercial appearances Edit

Angry Birds Transformers: Cinematic Trailer Edit

Stella got turned into Arcee Bird by the power of the EggSpark. She then helped the Autobirds and Deceptihogs destroy some turrets recently cyberformed by the Eggbots. ]

Arcee worked out lifting some weights at a gym. It sure was easy for her... but not for King Pig. Especially when his spotter, Galvatron Pig got distracted by the lollipop that Arcee Bird left behind on a nearby control panel. Elsewhere, Airachnid Bird was doing some yoga stretches... until she got her foot stuck behind her neck. After Airachnid Bird, Arcee Bird, Optimus Prime Bird and Megatron Pig finished their workouts, the four of them jumped up in the air in a cheer. Freezeframe. Arcee and Airachnid join the team!

Arcee Bird and Optimus Prime Bird were on the run from some Flying Pigbots when they came to a cliff edge. They tried to fight back, only to realize they were out of ammo! Thankfully, Bluestreak Bird showed up and helped them out! Meet Bluestreak and Prowl!

Fiction Edit

Ang ry Birds StellaVoice Actor: (Finnish)

Angry Birds Transformers comic

Angry Birds Transformers #1

After the Bad Piggies had stolen a batch of the Flock's eggs, Stella accompanied her fellow birds on a raid to retrieve them. Chuck managed to foul up Red's attack plan, causing the Bad Piggies' building to collapse on top of the Flock while King Pig and his minions escaped. Stella managed to avoid getting herself buried in the rubble, and urged Red to go after the pigs immediately. However, Red wanted to make sure that the others were unharmed fist. BombTerenceBubbles, and Chuck emerged relatively unscathed, at which point Stella took notice that the Blues had flown off after the Bad Piggies on their own. The Flock went to look for them, and as they flew about, Stella noticed the three little birds coming back towards them. The trio began babbling about an "EggSpark" and "Deceptihogs". As soon as the Blues mentioned that the eggs were in danger, the Flock hurried over to confront the pigs once more.

Age of Eggstinction! Edit

By the time Stella reached the EggSpark, the artifact had transformed Hal and Chuck into "Grimlock Bird" and "Bumblebee Bird" respectively. Stella was curious about her friends' new appendages, (calling them "barns and pegs" before being corrected by Terence and Bomb) and admitted that she found the whole not to be to her liking. Despite her initial misgivings, she agreed to touch the EggSpark in order to grant herself a robotic body. After her upgrade, Arcee Bird was inexplicably seized by the sudden urge to exposit about her new persona and abilities. She stated that her "endless patience" was the only thing keeping her from ditching the rest of the "losers" on her team. On Optimus Prime Bird's command, she and the rest of the Autobirds transformed and rolled out into action. They eventually caught up with the Deceptihogs. Upon their arrival, she argued with Bumblebee Bird, imploring him to stick to their plan of attack, but the impetuous Autobird refused to listen. The battle was soon fully underway, with Arcee Bird helping Optimus Prime Bird take on Lockdown Pig. The clash was interrupted when the Flock's eggs, having been previously exposed to the EggSpark, sprouted robotic limbs, multiplied, and proved themselves to be excessively hostile. 

Revenge of the Fowlin'! Edit

In spite of this new development, Grimlock Bird insisted on continuing their fight against the Deceptihogs. Arcee Bird told him to pipe down, as the situation had become significantly more perilous for both factions. The Autobirds and the Deceptihogs joined forces to combat this newly arisen threat. During the scuffle against the Eggbots, Arcee Bird noted that they had not only become a threat to themselves, but to Piggy Island. She managed to dissuade Optimus Prime Bird from fighting with Megatron Pig, and pointed out that their current approach was proving itself to be ineffective against the Eggbots.

Arcee Bird was then assigned to a team alongside Bluestreak Bird, Lockdown Pig, and Drift Bird. Their mission: rescue Starscream Pig from the Eggbots. Bluestreak Bird was opposed to saving a "bad guy", but Arcee Bird insisted that any creature in danger deserved their attention. Frustrated, Bluestreak rushed off despite Arcee Bird advising against it. This ended in Bluestreak Bird getting himself captured as well. Arcee bird deployed a large blaster from her forearm and began blasting away at the structure holding both Bluestreak Bird and Starscream Pig. Her attention was turned away from her objective when she found herself surrounded by gargantuan Eggbots. Nonetheless, her blasting had weakened the structure's walls, allowing her team to hear Bluestreak Bird banging against them from within. Drift Bird cut an opening in the structure, allowing Bluestreak Bird and a battalion of Eggbots to swarm out. The two group of eggs scared one another off, and the lot of them fled the scene. Arcee Bird could only stare dumbfounded as she muttered to herself: "eggs, eggs, so many eggs."

With Bluestreak Bird now rescued, Arcee Bird's group reconvened with the others. They had little time to regain their bearings however, as Starscream Pig pointed out that the island's transformation was accelerating.

Hard Boiled Edit

Megatron Pig was ready to call off the whole situation as hopeless, but Arcee Bird argued that they needed only to think things through. The Autobirds and Deceptihogs eventually managed to formulate a plan, having figured out that they needed to separate the EggSpark from the land to cease its transformation. Guns ablaze, they made their way to the EggSpark's location. As they neared their goal, Galvatron Pig went berserk and turned against the rest of the group. Arcee Bird was taken out by one of the Deceptihog's cannon blasts, leaving her unable to help in launching the EggSpark off-planet. Despite her absence, the EggSpark was successfully catapulted away, and everything returned to normalcy. As the Flock discussed the day's events, Stella bounced about cheerily, saying they all had earned a little peace and quiet... unaware that nearby, a robot cactus had begun to run wild. 

Notes Edit

  • In the trailer, Stella is shown to use a bubble wand to produce the bubbles, however, this wand is nowhere in the game itself.

  • In the Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe book, it is revealed Stella went through many changes in development, she was once considered having a blue color. She also resembled many anime characters and the Powerpuff Girls, as said in the book.

    • Stella's plush also reveals she once was a much more temperate shade of pink, while currently, she is a light shade of pink.

    • Stella is the first bird to be confirmed female at her release. Although Matilda is female, she was never actually confirmed to be when the game was released.

    • Stella has the most sprite changes/costumes. Her prototype plush shows a rather different sprite (see image gallery). Her sprite in Angry Birds Seasons was different from the prototype. Afterwards, in her release in Angry Birds Classic she had a few minor adjustments. In Angry Birds Rio, her sprite was exclusively changed just for the "Rio 2" segment. In Angry Birds Stella, her sprite was changed to a much more cartoonish look. In Stella Toons her sprite is different from her actual Angry Birds Animation style. Lastly, there are more than 9 different designs for her in the Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe book.

    • Stella is the first Angry Bird to sport an actual eye color other than black (light blue).

    • Stella, along with Matilda and Hal, are the only three birds that don't have a Space counterpart.

    • The name "Stella" means "star" in Latin. The "star" translation was also revealed in the Angry Birds Stella Interactive Annual 2015.

    • She is one of the only bird to have a consistent soundtrack. It can be heard though the beginning of the episode The Storm, A Fork In A Friendship and Pop The Top in Angry Birds POP!. Another version of her soundtrack can be heard here.

Angry Birds TransformersEdit

Despite being heavily featured in early advertisements and artwork for the game, Stella-as-Arcee was not actually in the game for a very long time. Oops. By the time she was added to the playable roster, the original heavily-Generation-1-Arcee design was changed to be more of a merger of Generation 1 and Prime Arcee, with a motorcycle altmode.

  • Airachnid Bird's Insecticon accessory does not appear to be based on any specific Insecticon, which is actually a real oddity for this game.

  • Arcee Bird's Daniel Accessory is, of course, a reference to Generation 1 Daniel Witwicky, who eventually became Generation 1 Arcee's Headmaster partner.

  • In celebration of the launch of the Angry Birds: Transformers game, a costumed actress portrayed Arcee Bird and interacted with fans young and old at New York Comic Con 2014 (despite not being in the game oops).

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