This article is about the character that was introduced in The Angry Birds Movie 2, to see the classic character of the same name, see Silver (AB 2)
Silver (Movie)

Silver is a grad student of Avian Academy where she is getting her degree in Engineering. She also happens to be Chuck's younger sister, so as you can imagine she has a cheerful, outgoing,energetic personality. Like her brother, Silver is blessed with a gift of speed, but unlike her brother, it's her mind that can solve complex equations and troubling situations in the blink of an eye.

She is also Red's potential love interest.



The Angry Birds Movie 2

Voice Actor: Rachel Bloom (English)

Silver was one of the participants of the Speed Dating event on Bird Island, hosted by Pinky, where she was having a conversation with Red, where she asked him a little survey whether she's was compatible or wasn't

She later demonstrated her invention: Super String

Live Stream

Voice Actor: Rachel Bloom


The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Explore

Angry Birds Tennis




To promote the The Angry Birds Movie 2, PEZ is releasing a 4-pack containing Bomb, Chuck and Red and Silver


  • The reason why Rachel Bloom was casted to play Silver is because John Cohen explains that he has a framed cover hanging on the wall of his office. So when they started talking about casting the role, the idea was right in front of them as Red was there in the center, standing in the hand of… Rachel Bloom.
  • This character has been a long time coming. Silver didn't make an appearance in the first film, but many fans have designed of what a movie Silver would look like. Our favorite is an Angry Birds fan named KattheFalcon who made this artwork of what Silver looks like with her classic style just in Movie form, however Rovio instead thought that this design was acceptable to use for her.
    • Then again, Concept Art revealed that her ponytails are supposed to represent the crest of the original Silver.
  • 00+select3+Francesca+Natale

    Playing the Tails cosplay a little too much

    Silver was originally going to have a propeller-like powers with her ponytail and tail feathers.
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