This article is about the character that was introduced in Angry Birds 2, to see the movie character of the same name, see Silver (Movie)

It's no use!

The prank-playing peregrine Silver is a fairly new addition to the Flock, a bird who was actually raised by the Bad Piggies! But now that she's been returned to her feathered brethren, and she's up for knocking the pigs around (even if she feels a little bit bad for the hapless Minion Pigs. A very little bit).

Games: Edit

Angry Birds 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Kiti Kokkonen

Silver is first introduced in Angry Birds 2, in level 24 of New Pork City. After her debut, Silver will appear in all the themes afterwards as a playable character.

Gameplay Edit

Silver is an extremely difficult character to work with. Her ability is very versatile, but it comes at a cost.  Not only will multiple obstacles prevent her from striking down (if the player to chooses to do so), but she usually never will hit the structure as the player wishes. It is has been often for her to miss, hitting another block or not being able to knock the structure down entirely. Additionally, unless the player has a tall structure to knock over, Silver will not do much to do damage to a level.

Silver is also extremely weak. The game states multiple times as "tips" that Silver is extremely good at demolishing stone, but this fact falls extremely far from the truth. Silver is capable of destroying 1, perhaps 2 stone blocks with ease, but afterwards will just immediately stop in her tracks. This effect is the same for wood and glass.

It is also not preferred to use her to take out a last pig or get extra points by demolishing a structure. She is extremely unreliable in these situations. If there is a bit far off pig or a pig that needs to be hit at a certain angle, Matilda is much easier and more reliable to use.

On the other hand, Silver is extremely good at bringing harm to bosses. If you hit a boss like King Pig or Chef Pig with her using her ability, she will take out a large chunk of the bosses health.

In later updates, Silver can create a shockwave when she hits the ground when doing her signature loop successfully.

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Voice Actor: Kiti Kokkonen

Thanks to the AllSpark landing on Piggy Island, Silver has become Windblade Bird, granted the fast-flying powers of the Autobot Windblade. As the only Autobird who can fly (at least, without needing to be hurled from a slingshot), Silver's ready to clean up the island and take on the Eggbot army!

As Windblade Edit

Windblade Bird model

Finally! I am in another game!

  • SquadValkyries
  • Mission TypeInvestigator
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event (4000-6000 Tokens)

Windblade Bird is a "speedster" character, not as blindingly fast as Bumblebee but on-par with the likes of Jazz or Starscream. She fires a trio of anti-gravity electric bolts in rapid succession (with a suitable-for-her-species low swoop to their flight) that are not terribly strong individually, but move with incredible speed and sends single targets flying seconds after impact, plus she has a short reload time. Objects in the far distance may need to be aimed with a "press and hold" technique, as the low arc of the blasts might hit the ground if left to the auto-aim.

Windblade could only be unlocked as a playable character through timed Challenge Events. The first was "Enter the Silverbird", and is one of the common characters to appear in several subsequent events.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Metroplex Head Legendary 1000 +20% Defense
Crown Head Epic 600 +10 Explosive Force
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Trident Arms Rare 350 +20% Vehicle Time Based on Combiner Wars Windblade's weapon
Swords Back Epic 550 Incendiary Rounds

As Energon Windblade Edit

Energon Windblade-1


  • SquadEnergized
  • Mission TypeInvestigator
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event (10000 Tokens)

Windblade gets an Energon upgrade and a significantly upgraded weapon. She fires three electric bolts at once that have more splash damage. Equipping her sword accessories is a real game-changer, as it grants her EMP projectiles that can stun all non-boss enemies!

She first appeared in the first event going into September 2017, "Energized".

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Metroplex Head Legendary 1000 +20% Defense
Crown Head Epic 600 +10% Explosive Force
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Headphones Head Uncommon 50 +5% Damage
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Trident Arms Rare 350 +10% Damage Based on Combiner Wars Windblade's weapon
Swords Back Epic 650 EMP Rounds
Pipes Back Epic 300 +10% Fire Rate

As Elita One Edit


Red x Silver anyone??

  • SquadFemme Fatale
  • Mission TypeInvestigator
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event prize (10000 Tokens)

Elita One brings the nonstop barrage of blaster bolts to the Autobird team. Her weapon is similar to Thundercracker and Energon Starscream, a rapid-fire machine gun of weak bolts that nonetheless add up damage quickly, with no reloading or overheating. She adds a new trick to this though, with the bullets having a ricochet effect that can devastate close arrangements of blocks or Pigs! This weapon is best employed by dragging the crosshair around to keep up the assault rather than tapping.

She was first made available via "Legendary" Crates (aka "loot box arglebargle"), then as the main prize in the "Elita One" Challenge Event in late January 2018. She was also available through a number of in-app-purchase offers... but oddly, these asked for Gems rather than real money! Prices ranged from 500 to 5000 Gems, and always included Elita, the Pistol Accessory, and a certain amount of Spark; the higher the Gem cost, the more Sparks you bought.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Sunglasses Face Uncommon 25 +5% Transform Power
Pistol Back Legendary 900 Incendiary Rounds

Angry Birds POP! Edit

Silver appears in Angry Birds POP! as a limited time guest, as she can replace any bird whenever she is playable. Silver's boost is called the Star Pop, which allows it to pop bubbles in a star shaped form and automatically gives a star to the player.

Merchandise Edit

There is indeed an official Silver plush, but it has only been offered in Angry Birds 2 Birdday competitions and is not for sale in any official Angry Birds Merchandise sources. Thus, few actually own the plush. It's good to stay tuned for them so you can win one.

Notes: Edit

Angry Birds 2 Edit

  • Silver is the only character in Red's flock to not have appeared in the original Angry Birds game.
    • She is also the only character to be used freely at any time by player choice.
  • Silver has a similar ability to Poppy and Tony. However, Silver does a 360 degree loop before plummeting down, which allows players more freedom to hit certain structures.

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

  • Silver and Windblade have some interesting similarities:
    • Both are recent major female additions to their overwhelmingly-male casts. Windblade of course hit in late 2014 as the result of a fan-vote, where Silver was the big addition to the Flock in 2015's Angry Birds 2.
    • Both are characters who can trace their lineage to their current teams, but were raised elsewhere. Windblade hails from the Cybertronian colony world of Caminus, while Silver hatched from a stolen egg and was raised by Pigs.
  • Despite being an Autobird, Windblade Bird uses Deceptihog Materials to upgrade. A nod to Silver's Piggy upbringing?
  • Windblade Bird also re-uses a few Minion-Pig-as-jet-characters animations, notably her "eager anticipation" idle when waiting inside Astrotrain for the score tallies.
  • Unlike the other characters, Windblade Bird does not undergo any physical changes when upgraded.
  • As of a March 2017 update, Windblade's thanking animations have been partially swapped: When Windblade thanks other buddies, both Autobirds and Deceptihogs treat her as a Deceptihog! But she's treated as normal when other bots thank Windblade.
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