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Red gives selfie sticks to Zoe, Vincent, and Chuck, who are together with Bomb. Red keeps with his Selfie Stick puts his smartphone on it and the Selfie Stick Challenge starts. He takes a photo, which is his head. Chuck and Bomb are riding a unicycle dressed as clowns. Chuck is with the selfie stick. He takes a photo with the clown nose covering most of it. Vincent takes a photo of the red carpet and Zoe takes a photo of her red scarf flipping, which covers most of the photo.

Then, the flock is at the door of Will's room. They enter it. Will is sick and is lying in his bed. Red gives him the selfie stick. Will puts his smartphone on it and demands every one come to him. Will aims the selfie stick and the flock put their smartphones with the photos in order to form a heart. Will takes the picture and the episode ends focusing on.

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The flock takes out their trusty selfie sticks to prove that taking selfies doesn’t always have to be selfish. Or in focus.

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