Sasha Lynx is apparently an all-new character created for Agri Birds, but it ends up looking like a female version of Hal with a bird on top of a pair of female's legs, which is weird.

Games Edit

Agri Birds Edit

Sasha Lynx was there to demonstrate one of the game's mechanics, that being to change her wardrobe into many different clothes such as, a Santa suit, country clothes (which is appropriate), and an Edgy motorcyclist look. She chooses the Lagrange for the legs instead.

Notes Edit

  • Even though this is a separated from Hal, she still is a form of Hal, mainly because she was received a lot of backlash from the fans saying, "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HAL!", etc. Hal's design was similar to the Angry Birds where his design was similar to her.
  • One concept art of her shows her working at some sort of a night club/bar, and wearing a different outfit.
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