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This is the redonkulous race!

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Chuck, Bomb, Terence and Jay, Jake, and Jim warming up for a race. Chuck examined other competitors preparing and was confident that he would win, knowing that he could outspeed all of them. Terence looked at Chuck angrily, scaring Chuck and causing him to push the Blues and Bomb to the right. Then, Matilda fired her pink pistol to start the race. Everyone ran, except for Terence, much to the confusion of Matilda and Red.

Convinced that he would win, Chuck raced backwards, kissed Bomb, and showed his butt to the Blues. In a forest, near the entrance, Chuck saw the other competitors far away. Feeling cocky, he resumed running, just to crash into Terence, who somehow appeared in the forest. He decided after a quick check to carry on, just to meet Terence again shortly after. Convinced Terence was after him, he ran through the course into a desert.

After resting for a while, Chuck checked to make sure Terence was not behind, but when he turned around for the third time, he saw Terence right in his face. Shocked, he ran, just to crash into a cactus and yelled in pain as he ran into a cave, shaking off the thorns in the process.

Inside the cave, Chuck could not see anything, so he lit a match, just to see Terence again. Realizing he was somehow always been nearby, he ran past him into a river where he sank into the bottom, just to meet Terence yet again. Shocked again, he dove past a King Pig mermaid statue, just for it to be beheaded.

Once he reached the river bank, Chuck got out and raced to the finishing line. Knowing he was about to win, he jumped into the air, just to bump off Terence. Confused as to how that could even happen, Chuck unintentionally got stamped upon by Bomb and the Blues who cheered for Terence. Injured, Chuck pulled himself to the finishing line and fell flat.

Later on in the award ceremony, Chuck was given the bronze medal, Terence gotten the gold medal, and both Bomb and the Blues gotten the silver medal. Chuck, who was jealous at Terrence for winning by cheating, moved far away from him, just for Terence to crash down the podium stand onto Chuck, sending him flying. Knowing that he would not be back so soon, Terence smiled.

Toons.TV Description Edit

The birds are fed up with speedster Chuck winning every race, so they unleash their secret weapon - Terence!

Characters Edit

The Flock
The Blues
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