This is the article about The Angry Birds Movie 2 character Roxanne, to see another bird that uses the same mold as her, see Monica the Crossing Guard


Roxanne is a Bird Island resident who loves to get her groove on, especially when she is attracting mates.

Fiction Edit

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Colleen Ballinger (English)

Roxanne was one of the many birds having a normal day before they were ruined by the Pigs' pranks. she is also miranda sings

Roxanne was one of the participants of the Speed Dating event on Bird Island, hosted by Pinky, as she did a mating dance for Red, only to find the latter in confusion.

She later was one of the birds that was horrified when Mighty Mountain was destroyed by an Ice Ball, and was one of the attendants of Mighty Eagle and Zeta's wedding.

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