The Autobirds and Deceptihogs team up to fight the Eggbots, but the alliance is an uneasy one as they divide into smaller teams to save their comrades and Piggy Island.

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Recognizing the danger posed by the rapidly-multiplying Eggbots, Optimus Prime Bird proposes teaming up with the Deceptihogs to save their eggs and protect Piggy Island, and Megatron Pig agrees—though only so that he can proceed to eat the eggs and conquer the island himself. When Starscream Pig is dragged inside one of the tentacled metallic towers that have sprung up through the power of the EggSpark, however, Megatron Pig's amusement angers Optimus Prime Bird, who begins to lose himself in memories that are not his, believing he has been at war with the Deceptihogs for millions of years on planets all across the galaxy. Megatron Pig is perfectly willing to return his aggression, and the alliance almost breaks down then and there until Soundwave Pig and Arcee Bird intervene. Optimus calms down, and the united factions agree to break into smaller teams.

Arcee Bird, Lockdown Pig, Bluestreak Bird and Drift Bird are tasked with rescuing Starscream Pig, though Lockdown's perpetual grumpiness makes life difficult for everyone. The three-in-one Bluestreak Bird is snagged by tentacles and dragged inside the tower as well, finding himself (themselves?) held captive alongside Starscream Pig, but a carefully-worded inspirational speech from the Deceptihog gives Bluestreak Bird the encouragement he needs to break their bonds. Taking the still-bound Starscream with him, Bluestreak Bird searches for an exit, but instead comes across a chamber full of different Eggbots, these ones with grinning organic mouths! The terrified Bluestreak drops Starscream and legs it, the Eggbots trampling the pig as they pursue the fleeing Autobird.

Meanwhile, Heatwave Bird, Galvatron Pig, Jazz Bird, Soundwave Pig and the Minion Pigs are given the job of recovering an Eggbot so it can be studied, in hopes that the effects of the EggSpark upon it and the island can be reversed. Galvatron Pig takes too much pleasure in his work, though, blasting Eggbots and island indiscriminately and forcing Heatwave Bird to step in. Taking this as a challenge, Galvatron Pig transforms to vehicle mode and prepares to ram Heatwave Bird; Heatwave tries to do the same, but winds up transforming into a dancing pot-plant, and is sent flying over the horizon when Galvatron collides with him. Jazz Bird and the Minion Pigs try to stand against the crazed Galvatron, with no luck, but Heatwave soon returns to save the day: properly transformed, he uses one of the birds' giant slingshots to catapult himself back into the battle, crashing down on top of Galvatron Pig in vehicle mode and knocking the fight out of him. Unfortunately, the team now finds themselves surrounded by giant Eggbots...

Drift Bird and Arcee Bird try to blast their way into the tower to rescue Bluestreak Bird, but they and the unhelpful Lockdown Pig soon come under attack from Eggbots. Just as things look their bleakest, Drift hears a tapping on the tower wall from inside, and manages to slice it open, allowing Bluestreak and the horde of grinning Eggbots to come bursting out. The two types of Eggbots take one look at each other and run screaming in the opposite direction, horrified of one another.

Presently, Optimus Prime Bird, Megatron Pig, Bumblebee Bird and Grimlock Bird roll up, and observe that Starscream Pig has not made it out of the tower. With no eggs recovered either, Megatron Pig is furious, but a moment later a victorious Heatwave Bird arrives, carrying all his fallen comrades (and Soundwave Pig, even though he's fine) and an incapacitated Eggbot. As Optimus begins to study the Eggbot, Starscream Pig reappears, having made his way back to the top of the tower... from which, he announces, he can see the EggSpark taking root, and more and more cyber-constructs emerging from the ground around it. Time is running out for Piggy Island!

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