Reflector is a camera, so don't photobomb it ok?

Games Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Reflector is an "Accessory" character, giving Deceptihogs he's attached to a boost to their weapon's power. This bonus can be increased with upgrades won from random-prize Crates or in the "Shockwave's Tower" mini-game.

He can be unlocked by purchasing him with Gems in the Barracks, with Tokens during specific Challenge Events, or won from Crates and Shockwave's Tower. 

Deceptihog Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Bludgeon Chest Epic 650 +10% Damage

Notes Edit

  • In Transformers Mythos, Reflector is usually the name of three individual robots who transform into a camera, and are considered spies on the Decepticon team. In game, however, he is seen as just a camera, like his G1 alt-mode.
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