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Red J. Bird (or simply known as Red) was seen, according to Judge Peckinpah, as the angriest bird on Bird Island. (well maybe not..) As such, he was seen as an outcast, but nevertheless he was declared a hero.

But when it comes to strangers stealing all the birds eggs or a palm-tree eagle, he shows them and his allies the way of anger and is not scared for any challenge. Except for people forgetting about him.

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The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Jason Sudeikis (English); Marcelo Adnet (Brazilian Portuguese)

When he was little hatchling, he was hatched out of an egg, with no parents, or even a house. As he was growing up, he was teased by the other hatchlings by calling him, "Eyebrows" and telling him that the Mighty Eagle doesn't even exist which crushes his hopes.

In the present day, he is known to be the angriest bird. As he is seen dumping Popcorn onto Cyrus' head during one of Stella's shows, to be mean at someone at line, and even kicking a soccer bird in the water.

One day, Red was running late to a birthday party and ran as fast as he could only to arrive there exactly one minute late according to the father. After the father teases him, Red finally snaps, and accidentally causes premature birth to a hatchling. Eventually, the family decides to settle it to court, held by Judge Peckinpah, and he said there is a case of anger running around, but after he was humiliated in front of the jury, he was sentenced to go to anger management class.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Jason Sudeikis (English); Alejandro Orozco (Latin Spanish); Martynas Kavaliauskas (Lithuanian); Marcelo Adnet (Brazilian Portuguese)

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Voice Actor: Antti Pääkkönen

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Voice Actor: Antti Pääkkönen

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Voice Actor: Jason Sudeikis (English)

Red was checking out Silver's live stream, but was ticked off about the mean comments about Red, so much so that the mean comments literally attacked him, and claimed he ate some shi-..

Angry Birds: Bubble Trouble Edit

Voice Actor: Fabio Lucindo

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Angry Birds Action! Edit

Red appeared in Angry Birds Action! as he appeared in the very first game to include his movie design. He appears in the beginning of the game as more of a default character and is the first character to be introduced.

The player can use Red by pointing him at a target and shooting, and Red will then hit and bounce off of targets until he runs out of speed. Unlike the other playable characters of the game, Red has no abilities, and as said before is more of a "default" character.

However, like all of the other characters, as Red levels up he will receive special boosts. In his bronze stage, he will have the "bounce boost". In his silver stage, he will have the "speed boost". In his gold stage, he receives an extra move.

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What Red does in his free time

Red was seen playing with Angry Birds Transformers action figures with posters and a giant Optimus Prime head in the back......

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Voice Actor: Antti Pääkkönen

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  • In The Angry Birds Movie 2, it is revealed his full name is Red J. Bird.
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