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In Spain, they call me Rojo!

Red (The bird, not the color) is the angriest bird you’ll ever meet, why would he be so grumpy? you might ask, well he is what you would describe as the opposite of carefree, if there’s something that is not perfect to him, he will try his hardest to make it so, and if can’t make it the way he wants, that is when his rage breaks out, so if you’re ever going to hang out with him, try to give him a good first impression, it’s REQUIRED. Being the leader of his flock isn’t exactly a easy responsibility for Red, especially when he has to make sure each flock member’s eccentric personalities are all focused on keeping the eggs from the Bad Piggies, well... not that he’s terribly stable himself with his short temper.

He maybe a hot-head most of the time, but in some cases, he can be a really nice bird to hang around with, just don’t ruin it by doing anything that makes him angry, like making fun of his overly serious personality, Oh, did we mention how much he hate pigs? because he sure won’t shut up about it, in fact, ever since the first time the pigs stole the eggs, Red has developed a instinct where he would quickly go rage mode if he saw pigs, or at least if he THINKS that he saw pigs, and his instinct would usually make him body slam right into his targets, smarter pigs would know better than to take him on face-to-face.

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Step 1: Pull bird slingshot and aim at pig, step 2: Release bird to murder pig.

Angry Birds Edit

Red is the starter bird type available early on in the game, he doesn't have any special abilities outside of squeaking bird noises and he is not super effective against any specific materials, unlike most birds however, he is really bouncy, making it possible for players to perform bank shots with this particular bird, he is also great with toppling down loose vertical structures since he doesn't just crush them upon impact.

Angry Birds Seasons Edit

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds Rio Edit

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds Space Edit

Red is the started bird

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Angry Birds Go! Edit

Angry Birds Star Wars Edit

See: Luke Skybird and Redkin Skywalker

Angry Birds Star Wars II Edit

See: Luke Skybird, Redkin Skywalker and Ezra Bridger

Angry Birds Go! Edit

Voice Actor: Antti Ilmari Pääkkönen

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds Epic Edit

Voice Actor: Antti Ilmari Pääkkönen

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds Stella Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Voice Actor: Antti Ilmari Pääkkönen

Soon after Piggy Island was Cyberformed, all the Autobirds and Deceptihogs were captured and frozen, leaving only Red as Optimus Prime to save the day, and rescue them.

As they level up, all versions of Red undergo slight physical modifications. His chest windows go from two large windshields to two smaller ones flanked by even smaller side windows, his pelvis gains small colored decorations, his legs gain metal sidings, and his helmet gains additional crests as well. Additionally, Red gains a small Powermaster in engine mode attached to his grill .

As Optimus Prime Edit


I have hands? Great! Now I can rip people's face off!

  • SquadRescue Bots
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: Start the game!
The very first character you use in the game, Red-as-Optimus is the everybird. He's not very specialized, having middle-of-the-road stats and attacks overall. In fact, early on, he's kind of... mediocre. But he has a huge number of Accessories, which can turn him into a tower-disintegrating menace with the right combinations.
Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Rewind Head Rare 350 +10% Transform Power
Dion Head Epic 650 +20% Defense
Power Master Head Rare 350 +10% Fire Rate
Headphones (2 colors) Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage Previously came in 3 colors
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Vehicle Time Previously came in 3 colors
Hard Hat (blue) Head Common 50 +5% Vehicle Time
Hard Hat (yellow) Head Common 50 +5% Transform Power
Coconut Helmet Head Rare 350 +20% Defense
Halloween Hat (spider, bat wings) Head Uncommon 150 +10% Damage Halloween Event exclusive
Pilgrim Hat Head ??? ??? +10% Damage Thanksgiving Event exclusive
Santa Hat Head Uncommon ??? +5% Defense Holiday Event exclusive, free in Dec 2014
Elf Hat Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Nutcracker Hat Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Lion Hat Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Landlord Cap Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Sunglasses (3 colors) Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Matrix Chest Epic 325 Free Incendiary Rounds Became a free Accessory in June 2017
HiQ[sic] Chest Epic 550 Explosive Rounds
Star Saber Arms Legendary 1000 +25% Damage
Axe Arms Uncommon 100 +10% Damage
Power Master Arms Epic 600 +10% Fire Rate
Launchers Arms Epic 600 +10% Fire Rate Based on Ultra Magnus's launchers
Sword Arms N/A N/A N/A Removed from game
Jetpack Back Legendary 1000 +20% Defense

As Ultra Magnus Edit


"Ultra Magnus I'm in trouble!" "I can't deal with that now!"

  • SquadsTarget: 2006, The Wreckers
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: New Area (500 pigs)

Simply a white repaint (which is oddly fitting) of the Optimus Prime model, Ultra Magnus has a rapid fire purple blaster similar to Lockdown's, which must be reloaded periodically. While starting out fairly weak, the rapid-fire nature allows it to knock buildings down with well-placed shots and is great at shooting down incoming missiles.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Dion Head Rare 350 +10% Defense
Helmet Head Legendary 900 Continuous Fire
Headphones Head Common 50 +5% Damage Previously came in 3 colors
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Vehicle Time Previously came in 4 colors
Hard Hat Head Common 50 +5% Defense
Halloween Hat (bat wings, spider) Head Uncommon ??? +10% Damage Halloween Event exclusive
Santa Hat Head Uncommon ??? +5% Defense Holiday Event exclusive, free in Dec 2014
Elf Hat Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Nutcracker Hat Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Lion Hat Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Coconut Helmet Head Rare 1000 Tokens +20% Defense Angry Birds Movie Event exclusive
Sunglasses (3 colors) Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power Previously came in 2 colors
Matrix Chest Legendary 900 +10% Fire Rate
Launchers Arms Epic 650 +10% Fire Rate
Jetpack Back Legendary 1000 +20% Defense

As Energon Optimus Prime Edit


Not to be confused with Energon Optimus Prime.

  • SquadEnergon Fueled
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: New Area (2000 2400 pigs)

An energon-fueled variant of Optimus Prime, this version is unlocked after you've sunken more time than you should have into the game. Energon Optimus Prime also gets a survivability buff, due to the fact that restoring cyber-formed objects can heal an Energon boosted character, but he also takes more damage. His Ion Blaster also gets amped up, with much larger projectiles that do more damage, but has to reload after three shots. Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it. But Chuck doesn't care. He uses Energon Optimus Prime as a reading lamp.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Common 50 +5% Damage Previously came in 3 colors
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Vehicle Time Previously came in 3 colors
Hard Hat Head Common 50 +5% Defense
Halloween Hat (bat wings, spider) Head Rare ??? +10% Damage Halloween Event exclusive
Santa Hat Head Uncommon ??? +5% Defense Holiday Event exclusive, free in Dec 2014
Elf Hat Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Nutcracker Hat Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Landlord Cap Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Coconut Helmet Head Rare 1000 Tokens +20% Defense Angry Birds Movie Event exclusive
Sunglasses (3 colors) Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power Previously came in 2 colors
Matrix Chest Epic 650 +10% Fire Rate
Axe Arms Rare 300 +10% Damage
Star Saber Arms Legendary 1000 +25% Damage
Jetpack Back Legendary 1000 +20% Defense

As Ultimate Optimus Prime Edit

  • SquadVariant Versions
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: New Area (2500 2600 pigs)

Ultimate Optimus Prime has better armor and an Ion Blaster that packs a decent punch, but has a much slower rate of fire than his other variants. As a "Variant Version" squaddie, he also gets double-or-nothing coins in events: don't make it through the level and you get nothing. You lose, sir! Good day!

As Nemesis Prime Edit

Nemesis Prime

I am the dark one

  • SquadThe Iconic Transformer
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: In-app purchase, Challenge Event prize (6000 tokens)

Nemesis Prime was created by the Eggbots to fight the Autobirds and Deceptihogs. But this evil clone was not so evil, as Optimus Prime's and Red's heroic personalities overcame his initial purpose, and turned against his creators.

His anti-gravity shots can send pigs and unobstructed blocks up in the air. Though weak at first, subsequent upgrades make his weapon strong enough to rocket entire structures and surrounding objects to oblivion! But it deals moderately weak damage against individual enemies.

He was first available in 2015 as a limited-time Halloween offer bundled with a couple of Halloween accessories and 400 gems for a pricey $12. A year later, players could finally unlock him for free. Free from actual money that is. You would have to collect 6000 tokens to unlock him in the "Smashing Pumpkins" Halloween event. Or you could purchase the Exclusive Halloween Bundle for the even more expensive $24.99, which contains Nemesis Prime, 500 gems, and his most recent Jetpack accessory.

As Epic Optimus Prime Edit

Epic Optimus Prime


  • SquadThe Iconic Transformer
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event prize (4000/5000 Tokens)

This golden Optimus Prime Bird has a very different weapon from the other Optimuses (Optimusses? Optimii?), an instant-hit tractor beam. Like with Grimlock Bird, this thin electric beam stays locked on target until the target is destroyed or you change aim, and is excellent for precision strikes and hitting fast-moving targets like missiles and flying Pigs. The beam does steady damage like Grimlock's electric breath, albeit weaker, but also pulls on whatever it hits. It's actually quicker to hit a Pig with a short blast and yank it off its perch than to whittle its health down with a sustained burst. The beam is much more effective on blocks, shattering glass and wood quickly, and will even break up stone in a second or two once sufficiently powered up. Use short, controlled bursts or quick sweeps to yank key blocks (or Pigs) out from towers and let the rest tumble.

Epic Optimus was first available in the 2015 Challenge Event "Chinese New Year", and is one of the most common Challenge Event characters to reappear. He could be unlocked (or upgraded) by Tokens earned in each day's event.

As Blurr Edit

  • SquadSpecialists
  • Mission TypeTBA
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event prize (10000 Tokens)

Blurr is very different from the other incarnations of Red in the game. Instead of a truck, he is a car. A very fast car. And by very fast, I mean really really fast. He’s in fact so fast that every time you switch to vehicle mode, everything starts moving in slow motion! So wouldn’t Chuck have been a better choice to portray this character? Maybe...

His weapon is the same as the regular Optimus Prime, but instead of just one shot at a time he fires tons of shots at once, like a slow laser. The shots also ricochet upon impact, allowing you to really spread damage.

Blurr was originally available in the event of the same name for the well-known price of 10000 Tokens.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Common 100 +5% Damage
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Autobirds Chest Epic 500 Incendiary Rounds
Blaster Arms Legendary 650 EMP Rounds
Rifle Back Rare 550 +20% Damage

As General Optimus Prime Edit


The war....

  • SquadCommand
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: Prime Pass prize

War has broken out on Piggy Island! The Autobirds now not only have to watch out for the Eggbots, they also have to fight the Deceptihogs, who (surprise surprise) turned against them! Optimus Prime has (obviously) been chosen as the right bot to lead the Autobirds in this legendary battle and now goes by the name of General Optimus Prime.

His weapon provides arcing yellow laser bullets. They are kind of weak, but after some upgrades they will get incendiary powers (similar to what some accessories do). This will make them a little stronger and destructive, but they are still not very effective against the good ol’ Mortar Towers.

As Optimus Maximus Edit

  • SquadCombiners
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: Gem Purchase (750 or more), Challenge Event prize (10,000 Tokens)

Optimus Maximus is currently the only combiner with all components as individual characters in the game, comprising Optimus Prime, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Ironhide, Prowl, and...sometimes Rodimus.

Their weapon is a mixture of Optimus Prime's and Ironhide's weapons, firing two bolts followed by three beams. They also turn invisible from time to time for absolutely no good reason. This oddity comes from Mirage. It comes in handy sometimes, but it only lasts for about 2 to 3 seconds and there seems to be no way to activate this ability by hand.

Strangely, Optimus Maximus doesn't have a special attack, unlike Devastator, Superion and Menasor. At the time of this writing, the lack of a special ability will disable the transform button for other characters in a Spark Run if they are the first character.

Optimus Maximius was originally available in the challenge event of the same name, once AGAIN, for 10,000 tokens. Then again, the other Combiners are the same price.

As Major Ultra Magnus Edit

  • SquadCommand
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock TypePrime Pass Reward

The war between the Autobirds and the Deceptihog is escalating! The robopigs turned out te be annoyingly strong and the Autobirds are desperate for help! Luckily, Major Ultra Magnus came to join the fight!

His weapon is a bunch of pink bullets that take strange curves before they hit their targets. The bullets also have a black trail for some reason.

Angry Birds POP! Edit

Red first appeared in Angry Birds POP! as a limited edition character, not once, but twice! He was only available for a short period of time. He was then taken out of the game but he was still seen in one area of the map. Red, like all of the other characters that appears in the game, has his own special bubble that can be used when the player makes enough pairings. His pop, entitled the Rock Pop, will pop up to 4 bubbles/obstacles per level

It was only until since the cancellation of the Stella series, made it so that the game was changed to a regular Angry Birds game and all the Stella characters (excluding Stella and the Minion Pigs) were replaced to members of Red's flock. Red took what was originally 2 of Stella's sections, the "Drop the Pigs"  and "Defeat King Pig" segments of the game. In both of these segments, the player is given a limited amount of bubbles and if he/she runs out, then he/she loses the levels. 

He also had different outfits that Red would be like the Phantom Bird (for Halloween updates), Super Red Bird (to promote for World AIDS Day), and Christmas Red (for Christmas events) 

Angry Birds Fight! Edit

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds 2 Edit

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds Ace Fighter Edit

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds Blast! Edit

Red is the started bird

Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Red (labeled as Classic Red) is a character added to the game to promote the franchises 10th Anniversary. He was formerly unplayable but was later added as an obtainable bird in events, along with his Master form.

Unlike other birds in the game, he is a classic version of a bird and doesn't have limbs.

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In French, they call me Rouge!

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Voice Actor:

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Angry Birds Transformers comics Edit

Angry Birds Transformers issue 1 Edit

After the Bad Piggies had stolen a batch of the Flock's eggs, Red led his fellow birds on a raid to retrieve them. Chuck managed to foul up Red's attack plan, causing the Bad Piggies' building to collapse on top of the Flock while King Pig and his minions escaped. Despite Stella's insistence that they pursue the Bad Piggies, Red was more concerned with making sure that everyone was alright. As Red reprimanded Chuck for his bumbling, Stella pointed out that the Blues had flown off after the pigs on their own. Red led the search party to find the Blues, but the three little birds managed to find their way back on their own. 

Though Red was confused by the Blues' babble about an "EggSpark" and "Deceptihogs", knowing that the eggs were still in danger was enough for him to start preparing another attack. Unfortunately, Chuck once more flew ahead of the group, compromising Red's plans.

Age of Eggstinction! Edit

By the time Red caught up to Chuck, the EggSpark had transformed him and Hal into Bumblebee Bird and Grimlock bird, respectively. Scrutinizing his friends' new forms, he turned to Stella to explain to him what their strange new appendages were. ("Arms and legs," as it turns out.) Bumblebee Bird's new, more cautionary outlook to things only served to frustrate and confuse Red further. Eventually, Red was convinced that the rest of the Flock should grant themselves robotic bodies as well by touching the EggSpark. He was the last to do so, becoming Optimus Prime Bird after his upgrade. Along with a new form, Optimus Prime Bird gained a penchant for making long-winded inspirational speeches. He then ordered his troops to transform and roll out into action.

Upon catching up to the Deceptihogs, Optimus Prime Bird warned Megatron Pig that, though he did not want to fight, he would do so if the pig refused to hand over the eggs. His ultimatum became moot when Bumblebee Bird prematurely rushed into battle anyways, kicking off the scuffle. In the middle of the fight, the Flock's eggs sprouted mechanical limbs, multiplied, and proved themselves to be extremely hostile. Optimus Prime Bird was ready to continue his fight against Megatron Pig nonetheless, though his opponent called a time out so that he could take an incoming phone call.

Revenge of the Fowlin'! Edit

On the other end of the line, Starscream Pig informed his leader that the Eggbots had begun to run wild on Piggy Island, sowing chaos in their wake. This new development gave Optimus Prime Bird pause, leading him to agree to work with the Deceptihogs in order to stop the Eggbots' rampage. The alliance was a shaky one though, and Optimus Prime Bird soon found himself arguing with Megatron Pig once more on the battlefield. Optimus Prime Bird accused Megatron Pig of destroying civilizations for millions of years, to which a confused Megatron Pig responded that he only wanted to eat some eggs. Optimus Prime Bird was then talked down by Arcee Bird, and regained his bearings on the situation at hand. He then ordered Arcee Bird, Bluestreak Bird, Lockdown Pig and Drift Bird to go rescue Starscream Pig from the Eggbots while another squad would capture an egg for study. Both group eventually returned, their objectives achieved. As Optimus Prime Bird began observing the captured Eggbot, Starscream Pig warned the group that the island's transformation was spiraling out of control.

Hard Boiled Edit

Despite the odds against them, and his ability to make inspiring speeches petering out, Optimus Prime Bird refused to give up hope. Thanks to Soundwave Pig's input on the situation, Optimus Prime Bird devised a plan to separate the EggSpark from the island, returning everything and everyone to normal in the process. He then led a mad dash towards the EggSpark while Bluestreak Bird fetched a giant slingshot to launch it off-planet. Thanks to everyone playing their part, Optimus Prime Bird finally came upon the EggSpark, only for Galvatron Pig to go berserk at that moment. While both Optimus Prime Bird and Megatron Pig were distracted, Starscream Pig seized the opportunity to grab the EggSpark, intent to use it for his own selfish goals. Thankfully, Bumblebee Bird stepped in at the last moment, and launched both Starscream Pig and the EggSpark into outer space. As everything reverted to its initial state, the Flock discussed the day's events between them. Red expressed that he had never before looked as forward to a quiet day... unaware that nearby, a robotic cactus had just sprung to life and begun blasting away at the scenery.

Angry Birds Transformers storybooks Edit

Robot Birds in Disguise Edit

Optimus Prime Bird's mission to ensure that the Eggbots don't destroy Piggy Island! At the same time, he has to keep the Eggbots safe from the Deceptihogs. Despite the two factions having agreed to work together, Optimus Prime bird found out that the pigs were kidnapping Eggbots. He battled Dark Megatron Pig, sending the mischievious porker into a tantrum after defeating him.

Deceptihogs Versus Autobirds Edit

Optimus Prime Bird participated in a great big clash against the Deceptihogs in the middle of a desert. He faced off against Dark Megatron Pig. The Autobirds came out victorious thanks to their brilliant battle tactics!  

Piggy Tales: 4th Street Edit

Angry Birds On the Run Edit

Voice Actor: Mike Bodie / Antti Ilmari Paakkonen (game noises only)

On The Other Side Edit

Red. along with Chuck and Bomb were launched from The Girl's phone.

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Angry Birds Slingshot Stories Edit

Voice Actor: Antti Ilmari Paakkonen

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Angry Birds Transformers: Cinematic Trailer Edit

Red got turned into Optimus Prime Bird by the power of the EggSpark. Initially clashing with Megatron Pig, the pair were interrupted by the Eggbots, who were cyberforming everything around them, creating big guns that shot at both Autobirds and Deceptihogs. Luckily, Red's new body was chock full of weaponry and he led the Autobirds and Deceptihogs to victory

Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con trailer Edit

Optimus Prime Bird hitched a ride aboard Astrotrain, who dropped him off on a small island. Upon his arrival, he was pestered by a couple of Flying Pigbots. Both of them were disabled and left behind a few laser blasts later, and Optimus Prime Bird continued on his way. A Walking Mortar Tower proved too tough of an opponent for the Autobird to handle on his own, and he called upon Megatron Pig to help him out. The two of them together brought down their foe. Optimus Prime Bird then tried to shake Megatron Pig's hand, but he was "too slow," and Megatron Pig laughed at him.

Red as Optimus Prime Edit

When Optimus Prime Bird tried to show off how cool he was, the awesome score suddenly changed into some disco music. The confused Autobird tried his best to dance to the tune.

Deceptihogs' Revenge Edit

Megatron Pig and Optimus Prime Bird exchanged a friendly fist-bump as they drove to the EggSpark. Megatron Pig reached it first... and instead of helping Optimus Prime Bird up next to him, laughed in his face and kicked him down as the EggSpark upgraded him into Dark Megatron Pig! The big jerk then drove off! Optimus Prime Bird fetched Heatwave Bird and Jazz Bird to raid the Deceptihogs' headquarters. Upon their arrival, they found the Deceptihogs using the EggSpark as a dance light. It was all very silly.

Arcee and Airachnid join the team! Edit

Optimus Prime Bird ran a marathon across the countryside, meeting up with Megatron Pig, Arcee Bird and Airachnid Bird as they all completed their workouts. The four of them then jumped up in the air in a cheer. Freezeframe.

Meet Bluestreak and Prowl! Edit

Arcee Bird and Optimus Prime Bird were on the run from some Flying Pigbots when they came to a cliff edge. They tried to fight back, only to realize they were out of ammo! Thankfully, Bluestreak Bird showed up and helped them out! 

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Angry Birds Transformers Edit

  • Red's design as Optimus Prime comes from the live-action Transformers movies primarily, TransformersTransformers Revenge of the Fallen, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • In celebration of the launch of the Angry Birds Transformers game, a costumed actor portrayed Optimus Prime Bird along with a costumed actor who portrayed Arcee Bird and interacted with fans young and old at New York Comic Con 2014.

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