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Professor Pig

Professor Pig is one of the smartest pigs on Piggy Island, he is so smart, that he is one of the few pigs that doesn't want to eat the eggs under King Smoothcheeks' command.

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Professor Pig tried to teach a batch of Minion Pigs about energon cubes. But rather than see them as a high-tech energy source, the Minions instead decided to use the heat radiated to toast marshmallows and dry their wet laundry and why do they have laundry they are naked spheroid pigs what

After getting his own cybernetic upgrade, Professor Pig set up shop inside Hog's Head Mountain. The huge contraption he built there can create Energonicons when provided the right materials... however, it cannot do so reliably, as any combination of three materials can create one of five different prizes, selected at random, and most of the time only one possible outcome will be an Energonicon (a few can produce two different ones for slightly better odds). Luckily, he was able to create three on his own: StrikebotElectroblast, and Shieldor, which he gives to the assembled Autobirds and Deceptihogs once they make their way to his lab.

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