Princess Leia

Your a little short for a Stormtrooper

Princess Stella Organa (or Princess Leia Organa) is one of the Bird Republic leaders and wants to overthrow the Pork Side. She doesn't mind getting dirty at times and has a "Gravitational Field Disruptor". With her tractor beam, she can "adjust the weight of any object then fling it at her piggy foes." She is stubborn, daring, and plucky. She expects everybody to obey her orders. She is eagle-eyed and aims well. Her home planet is Alderaan and is a sharp shooter.

Her ally/lover is Han Solo.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Star Wars Edit

Lea appears in the first Angry Birds Star Wars game, using a blaster as a tractor beam to pull over pig structures, blocks, and pigs themselves. This power can be upgraded allowing her to pull more blocks and heavier structures. She becomes playable once the player has unlocked Hoth.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Edit

Fiction Edit

Angry Birds commercials Edit

Notes Edit

  • Despite what her sprite sheet looks like she actually has a white tail. Name comes from the Angry Birds Online Shop.
  • As the name suggests, she is modeled after Stella.
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