Did Rovio decide to do this to prevent hacking or to get more cash? you decide!

Power-Ups is a term used to refer to cheat tools boosters used in most Angry Birds games.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Edit

  • Power Potion
  • Slingscope
  • Bird Quake
  • King Sling
  • Shockwave
  • Red's Mighty Feathers Power Up (iOS exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Seasons Edit

  • Power Potion
  • Slingscope
  • Shockwave
  • Homing Bird (exclusive appearance)
  • Telebird(exclusive appearance)
  • (exclusive appearance)
  • Alakablam! (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Rio Edit

  • Power Potion
  • Slingscope
  • Samba Burst (exclusive appearance)
  • TNT Drop
  • Call the Flock (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Vuela Tazo's Edit

  • Flock of Birds
  • Space Egg
  • Pig puffer
  • Tazos Power

Angry Birds Friends Edit

  • Power Potion
  • Slingscope
  • TNT Drop
  • Bird Quake
  • King Sling
  • Wingman
  • The Hunter (exclusive appearance)
  • Santa Bomb (exclusive appearance)
  • Mushbloom (exclusive appearance)
  • Boombox (exclusive appearance)
  • Unnamed Pumpkin Power-Up (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Cheetos Edit

  • Cheetos (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Space Edit

  • Space Egg
  • Flock of Birds
  • Pig puffer
  • Wingman

Bad Piggies Edit

  • Super Glue (exclusive appearance)
  • Turbo Charge (exclusive appearance)
  • Super Magnet (exclusive appearance)
  • Night-vision (exclusive appearance)
  • Mechanic/Super Mechanic (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Star Wars Edit

  • Lightsaber Sling (exclusive appearance)
  • Therminal Detonator (exclusive appearance)
  • Blaster Droid (exclusive appearance)
  • Clone Bird (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds McDonalds Edit

  • Power Potion
  • Slingscope
  • Bird Quake
  • King Sling

Angry Birds Heikki Edit

  • Heikki Power (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Go! Edit

  • King Sling
  • Boost (formerly Goldfish Boost) (exclusive appearance)
  • Car Repair (formerly State Farm Car Repair) (exclusive appearance)
  • Turbo Car (formerly Target Car)(exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Epic Edit

  • Rage Chili (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Stella Edit

  • Hammer (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Angry Birds POP! Edit

  • Rainbow Bubble (exclusive appearance)
  • Color Crush (exclusive appearance)
  • Fireball(exclusive appearance)
  • Mighty eagle eye (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds 2 Edit

  • Golden Duck (exclusive appearance)
  • Blizzard (exclusive appearance)
  • Chili (exclusive appearance)
  • Pig Infiltrator (exclusive appearance)
  • Mighty Eagle (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Action! Edit

  • Beach Ball (exclusive appearance)
  • Freeze Power-Up (exclusive appearance)
  • Telescope (exclusive appearance)
  • Sticky drink (exclusive appearance)
  • Ghost Power Up (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Blast Edit

  • Rocket (exclusive appearance)
  • Laser Gun (exclusive appearance)
  • Bomb (exclusive appearance)
  • Slingshot
  • Twister
  • +3 moves (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Match Edit

  • +5 moves (exclusive appearance)
  • Add Birds (exclusive appearance)

Angry Birds Dream Blast Edit

  • Twister
  • Shooting Star (exclusive appearance)
  • Slingshot

Angry Birds Classic for Facebook Messenger Edit

  • TNT Drop
  • Pig Power
  • Pig Swap
  • Stone Converter
  • Ice Converter

Angry Birds Blast 2 Edit

  • Unknown
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