This article is about the character that was introduced in Angry Birds Stella, to see The Angry Birds Movie character of the same name, see Poppy (Movie)

Honking intensifies

Poppy is Golden Island's Number one Prankster! As her number one thing to do is prank other birds, and playing the drums a lot, to her friends annoyance.

She helps Stella and her friends to stop Gale from getting her the Golden Egg.

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Poppy is the second bird to obtained in Angry Birds Stella

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Voice Actor: Rinna Paatso (Finnish)

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  • In Telepods (figure and image), Poppy has blue eyes, a pink belly, and no pink cheeks, which maybe that was one of the original designs for Poppy.
    • On top of that, the plush toy of Poppy lacks her iconic pink cheeks.
  • Almost every one of Poppy's scrapbook images have her wearing glasses.
  • Poppy's ability acts very similar to Tony and Silver's, however, Poppy and Tony do not do a 360-degree loop before violently crashing down into the ground.
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