This article is about the character that was introduced in The Angry Birds Movie, to see Angry Birds Stella character of the same name, see Poppy (Stella)
Poppy (Movie)


Poppy is a resident of Bird Island. She is mostly seen working at a barber's shop preening any birds feathers that needs to be trimmed, and she speaks in a calm and collective voice. But she is good friends with Stella, Willow, Dahlia and Gale.



The Angry Birds Movie

Voice Actor: Maya Rudolph (uncreditied) (English)

Poppy was fixing somebody's hair feathers at the Birds of a Feather Salon, located at one part of Bird Village's main street. She is shocked to see a passing Red, who was walking the street on his way to Anger Management Class, she laughed at the Mime when he mocked his grumpy walk and recived a high five from him.

Later, she was there when the Pigs were coming to the island, and then performs with her friends for a welcome celebration for the pigs., before sitting down with other birds to watch the pigs' performances. Nights later, she, along with Dahlia and Willow, partake in a huge dance party with the other birds, to the tune of Aoki's "Fight", as the pigs ravaged the village, stealing their eggs and sailing back to their homeland.

The next morning, most of Stella's friends gather with the other birds at the beach which the pigs left from to reflect on the aftermath of the pigs' sinister deed and discuss what course of action to take against them, with Poppy among various birds themselves asking Red what could be done. After Red decides to launch an assault on Pig City to reclaim the eggs, which succeeds, the birds eventually return to their native island to repair the damage to their village.

In the midst of the rebuilding efforts, Poppy and her friends spontaneously decided to stop and give the Hug Trader a huge group hug, before all of them fell over comically.

The Angry Birds Movie 2


  • She is the first member of the Stella Flock to have another bird having a repaint of her character model. The second was Gale and the third was Dahlia
  • The reason why she is voiced by Maya Rudolph is because of the animation error that makes something that Matilda says out of her mouth.
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