Let we begun them party!

The pigs are a species of creatures who (mostly) have very low brain capacity, they can be identified by their round snouts between their eyes, round ears above their foreheads, and their overall lime green skin, while some pigs are exceptions when it comes to one of these traits, they can still be identified as such if they still retains the other two traits.

The thought process of a pig is usually very simple, simply put, they are really, really dumb, they are so dumb that sometimes they can't even accomplish the simplest of tasks, the only thing they seem to be actually good at is building things, just give them some time and they will build something big, however, when it comes to specific construction project, very specific instructions are needed for the pigs to even work on one step, or they will build something completely different entirely, not all pigs are like this though, as there are few rare cases of pigs who are at least slightly smarter than the rest, this smart individual is usually the leader of a pig civilization, however, there are also cases where the leader is somehow more dumber than the rest, resulting in a very messed up pig society.

Pigs are usually hungry for food, like cakes, ice creams, donuts, cookies, and sometimes even the meat of their own race! (say what!?) but the food they really want to eat are eggs, they want to eat the eggs so bad that they have to steal them from birds, unfortunately for them, it usually doesn't end well as the birds will act very violently towards anything that lays a skin on their eggs, this usually forces the pigs into defensive combat or evasive protocol, where the objective is to keep the eggs and survive long enough to eat them, unfortunately for them, they seems to always fails in keeping the eggs, this is usually due to their stupidity, but they never seems to give up niether, as they will always try to take the eggs over and over again.

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