Somewhere in the ocean lies Piggy Island, a land of constant battle. Largely overrun by the gluttonous, kinda-dumb Bad Piggies and their even dumber ruler, their shoddy constructions litter the island... as do the ruins of Piggie structures, as they're demolished by the pigs' nemesis: a flock of flightless angry birds! The battle over the apparently-tasty eggs protected by the flock rages on day after day.

Dominated by the huge dome-shaped Hog Head Mountain, the island sports a nature-defying variety of environments including beach, desert, a variety of forests each with their own unique features ("Y" shaped trees, blocky flat-sided trees, giant bamboos, Etc.), underground caves, icy mountains, and so much more, but the Island's main landmark is the Pig City, the capital of the island that has more pigmade structures than anywhere else on the island.

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