I have eggs butterfiles in my stomach....

Plot Edit

A talent show was taking place within King Pig's castle. First up to perform were three Minion Pigs dressed up as backstreet dancers. All the audiences were amazed by their performance, except for King Pig, who wanted them eliminated by getting Corporal Pig to flush them down, causing the remaining two contestants to panic.

Next contestant to perform was a mimic of King Pig, who mocked him by mopping the floor with his tongue. Everyone laughed except for King Pig, who found it insulting and hence ordered the reluctant Corporal Pig to eliminate him too.

The last contestant, a balloon sculptor, came up with balloon shaped figures of a dog and then a dinosaur to the unimpressed King Pig. He then made a King Pig balloon and then the castle to no avail. Worried that he might be flushed down too, he blew his last balloon but he accidentally let it go and it hit King Pig. Horrified, he expected the worst but King Pig was actually pleased with the sound the balloon made by imitating it with blowing raspberry. Soon the whole audience were laughing with him, resulting in the balloon sculptor to be the winner.

Soon, everyone was blowing raspberry, including a trumpet pig who accidentally swallowed some confetti and blew raspberries to get it out of him. This made King Pig laugh and replicate, causing everyone to do so too. However, Corporal Pig was laughing so hard that he slipped onto the plank of wood and all the pigs in the circle fell down the hole. Although he still won, the balloonist sighed and with a squeal fell into the hole afterwards

Bad Piggies
  • Minion Pigs
  • Corporal Pig
  • King Pig
  • Foreman Pig (as a photo)

Errors Edit

  • The balloonist's sash appeared out of nowhere.
  • Some pigs don't have teeth.
  • The balloon below King Pig changed slightly changed position at the next clip, after it landed on him.
  • The balloonist didn't fall with the other pigs.

Toons.TV Description Edit

It's talent show time in Pig City, but with King Pig as judge the contestants have a lot to be nervous about.

Notes Edit

  • This episode was originally called ''Pig Has Talent'', But Rovio decided to change the title, to Pig Talent.
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