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Smile, say Churrito!

Plot Edit

Chuck is admiring his reflection in the water. Then, he heard a camera go off. Looking at the direction the camera went off, he noticed Matilda taking pictures with it. Excited, especially at the thought of having his photo taken, Chuck rushed off to photobomb Matilda's shot.

When Matilda saw Chuck, she proceeded to show him the photo of the garden she just took. However, it instead showed Chuck smiling at the camera. Confused, she stared blankly at the photo as Chuck admired it. Then, she realized what happened and became mad at Chuck for ruining the shot. He, in the meantime, added the photo to his collection of self-photos.

Back to Matilda, she was getting ready to take another shot of the garden. Chuck decided to have himself in the shot but was caught by Matilda before he could successfully rush to photobomb the picture, forcing him to retreat. From here, he tried unsuccessfully to get close to the camera to photobomb the shot which included a rope and sneaking from the left side. Frustrated, she ordered Chuck to back off a huge distance away from the garden so she could take a shot without him photobombing it.

Once he was out of the way, Matilda noticed a butterfly land on the garden. With joy, she took the shot but the photo showed Chuck somehow managed to photobomb the shot even from the distance. Fed up with Chuck always photobombing her shots, Matilda threw the camera and the photo at him and went off crying. Chuck suddenly felt sorry and wanted to make up for what happened just now. He saw the butterfly from earlier and decided to follow it so he could take a shot of it when it landed somewhere. It soon did on another garden filled with butterflies and Chuck took the opportunity to take a shot of it.

Back to Matilda, she was feeling dejected watering her flowers. Chuck suddenly rushed back to her with the shot he took. Matilda was suddenly very happy but one quick look at the photo and she decided to teach Chuck a lesson by spraying him with her hose. Chuck then saw why: The photo was him somehow being able to photobomb the shot just as the camera went off. Chuck looked at it and chuckled to himself.

In the credits, Chuck can still be heard admiring himself with the photo.

Toons.TV Description Edit

Everyone knows Bomb the bird, but when it comes to photobombs, another member of the flock steals the spotlight. Hint: He’s really fast, full of himself, and yellow – rhymes with pluck.

Characters Edit

The Flock:

Errors Edit

  • This episode dates 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.
  • Near the reflection of the water, Chuck's eyebrows are black instead of reddish-brown.

Notes Edit

  • Bomb doesn't t appear in this episode, but he made his cameo appearance in the episode's description
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