Total Trauma ISLAND!!!!!!

Plot Edit

The episode begins, with Stella trying to hang-glide on a big rock, with Luca watching her, but she falls down to the ground. Stella was determined to try again and went even higher, but again crashes down. Stella was so upset, that maybe she could fly the top of that mountain. She does it successfully, but loses control along the way. Poppy and Willow notice her coming though the sky and Stella told them to look out. Dahlia hears her screams and hears a loud crash. Worried about her friend, she checks up on her, and she was in total agony.

When Stella wakes up, Luca surprises her and her response was in pain, so Willow gives her a big block of ice to heal her. Poppy shows Stella of the rebuilt hang-glider, she was dreaming about her big crash, traumatizing her and runs back to her treehouse.

Stella was disappointed because she had nothing to do, until she heard a loud explosion which came from Dahlia's Treehouse. So, Stella decides to go to her treehouse to see what is up.

Stella sees Dahlia working on a science experiment and asks her if she can make an explosion, but Dahlia refuses, but Stella gave her puppy eyes, and she allows Stella to mess around, and she makes a huge explosion. When Dahlia shouted her name because of the explosion, It reminded Stella of the Crash and runs away with Dahlia bewildered.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Luca were flying kites along the beach and Stella, still miserable, was granted permission to fly Luca's kite. She enjoyed it at first, until she realized that the swerves reminded her about the uncontrolable sweres that caused her to crash, while Luca's kite is torn apart, and runs away, with a very mad Luca.

Meanwhile, Willow was painting a picture of a daisy and Stella appeared if she can paint with her. Willow allows this and she paints with her, until she ruins the painting, not only angers Willow but surprises her as well, because it was a painting of Stella and her accident, so she puts blue paint on there and runs away. Willow is not angry about the painting, but is also very concerned about her, so they came up with a plan.

Toons.TV Description Edit

Being a flightless bird, Stella turns to hang gliding to get her kicks. But will a terrible crash put her out of commission forever? The other birds hope not because she's getting seriously annoying!

Characters Edit

Stella Flock
Stella (1)
Luca (2)
Poppy (3)
Willow (4)
Dahlia (5)

Trivia Edit

  • It is the second episode to not have the appearance of Gale and the pigs in it. First was Rock On!.
  • This episode features the Toons.TV "4 Billion views" in the title card.
  • This is the first time a bird is shown flying without the use of the slingshot.
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