That's the sound of the police!

Officer Bill Beakins is your local policeman who you can always count on to be a major Inconvenience to your everyday life will always manages what the justice is in Bird Island.

Fiction Edit

Films Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Craig Berkley (uncredited)

Sometime before the events of the film, Officer Bill Beakins was giving a speeding ticket to Chuck for going to fast. As a result however, Chuck wrecked his office, stole and spent all of his money on drinking, and even pooping dumping ice cream on his shoulder-

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Officer Bill Beakins wanted to use the restroom, so he knocked but he accidentally scared Bomb, causing him to explode.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Action! Edit

Bill Beakins appears and has an annoying shield.

Notes Edit

  • Officer Bill Beakins doesn't actually speak, but instead make sounds that are akin to a police siren, but in the second movie, he spoke in perfect English.
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