Obi-Wan Kaboomi

Obi-Wan Kaboomi (or Obi-Wan Kenobi Bird) is a Jedi Master formerly trained by Quail-Gon Jinn and former trainer of Redkin Skywalker before he became Lard Vader, and his son Luke Skybird.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Star Wars Edit

He is first unlocked in Tatooine 1-5. Unlike his appearance in other games, Bomb uses the force, where he will launch a blue light wave and push and pigs objects away with a bit of strength. Also unlike his normal counterpart, he can't destroy objects well, stopping after a bit. He can also activate his ability a bit after he hits the ground.

In Death Star 2-26, he receives an upgrade that allows him to push objects with much more strength, and he gains a bit of body strength.

Obi-Wan Kaboomi (young)

Angry Birds Star Wars II Edit

He is first unlocked in Naboo Invasion B1-4. He mantains the same power from the first game, but he is noticeably much more strong, but only for ability, he can only destroy a cube of glass.

His power can now push things much more far, but unlike the first game, he has absolutely no upgrade

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Voice Actor: Pasi Ruohonen

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Notes Edit

  • He is modeled after Bomb.
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