Murphy is a Bird who wishes the rest of the birds call him a pig, but he's only doing his job!

Games Edit

Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Murphy can be obtained either normally or on a event as a master bird. Murphy can evolve like all the other birds introduced in this game, he goes from normal, to with a siren on top, to a Cyborg-like bird, then a SWAT themed outfit. Murphy's strength is very strong, because of his rarity. Evolving him with the right evolution will make him stronger. Totems and Runes can also help.

Notes Edit

  • He looks similar to Officer Bill Beakins but his main difference is that he is shorter than him, is Blue and wears a different helmet
  • He is based off on Alex Murphy, who later would become Robocop, as one of his evolutions looks like the same look that Alex transforms into the infamous Robocop.
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