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He needs to be as fat as possible so that he can balance his beak.

Mighty Eagle is old, like really, really old, so he basically has a very long life experience, he even left Piggy Island on certain occasions to visit other parts of the world, like the time he went to the North Pole and met Santa! he is also very powerful, being able to destroy anything into pieces with ease! however, he is quite antisocial, he perfers to be left alone in his cave and to never be disturbed, the only time he would get out of his cave is when the birds come to ask him to defeat the pigs for them in exchange for a can of sardines, oh yeah, he loves to eat sardines.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Edit


Give us your money!

Mighty Eagle is first introduced in Angry Birds, used as a power-up costing only $0.99

Epic explosion intensifies

Angry Birds Seasons Edit

See: Mighty BasketBall, Mighty Philidephia Eagle

Angry Birds Rio Edit

Angry Birds Chrome Edit

Angry Birds Friends Edit

Angry Birds Space Edit

In this game, Mighty Eagle is transformed into the Space Eagle

Angry Birds Fuji TV Edit

Angry Birds Star Wars Edit

See: Mighty Millennium Falcon

Angry Birds Go! (on Jenga Mode) Edit

Angry Birds Epic Edit

Angry Birds Fight! Edit

Angry Birds 2 Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

When the EggSpark came into Piggy Island, he was transformed into Alpha Trion, gaining the ultimate wisdom and power.


As Alpha Trion Edit

  • SquadVIP
  • Mission Type:  Intellegence
  • Unlock Type: ????

Combined with the ultimate transformer in knowledge and power, Mighty Eagle uses a Grimlock-esque weapon able to break almost anything with ease. That's saying, using an OP version of an OP weapon. Plus, in vehicle mode, he automatically causes earthquakes. So yeah. Pretty much best transformer in the game yet.

As Superion Edit

  • SquadCombiners
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: ????

Superion is a Combiner, the second after Devastator. Maybe they’ll add the individual functionalities of them sometime.

Superion’s main weapon appears to be a modified version of Alpha Trion and his special is a barrage of homing missiles.

Superion was originally available in the event of the same name for the price of 10000 Tokens.

As Kup Edit

  • SquadVIP
  • Mission TypeIntellegence
  • Unlock Type: ????

Kup really fits Mighty Eagle: old, nostalgic and legendary. But as old as he may be, his gears are still not rusty enough for him to lay down his teleport guns and blast some piggies into the sky!

His weapon is similar to Galvatron’s: a big purple laser. Blocks and pigs that are hit by the laser or in in a small radius of the impact point will be teleported to a random point above the ground and will proceed to plummet to the surface.

Kup was originally available in the event of the same name.

Notes Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

  • When you are playing as Mighty Eagle, he uses Hal's voice clips despite the fact that, in the other Angry Birds games we listed him appearing in he appears in, he has a unique voice clips only used by himself. Man, that sounds familiar......
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