Mighty Delivery is the first episode of the Angry Birds Blues series.

This episode features the first appearance Jay, Jake, and Jim and the other Hatchlings. It was aired on March 10, 2017.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Jay, Jake, and Jim looking through a magazine. Seeing a nice-looking clubhouse, they decided to mail the order form after taking the pencil Will was licking to tick the order box. Suddenly, a box holding the clubhouse was delivered right in front of them. The Blues were stunned at the content but Jake saw the blueprint and together with his brothers, constructed the clubhouse.

Meanwhile, the other Hatchlings were messing with what was left inside the box. They took out a chainsaw from the box then Zoe used it as a vehicle to drive across the Blues's lawn. For some reason, even though the chainsaw was nowhere close to the clubhouse, it was still sawed in half. Determined to have the clubhouse, the Blues proceeded to repair the clubhouse.

When it was finished, the Blues were barely ready to enjoy the clubhouse when they watched in horror as Vincent rode the box's jackhammer near the clubhouse. It made a tiny contact with the clubhouse. The Blues were laughing at their near shock but then saw that the contact was enough to demolish the clubhouse again, forcing them to repair it again.

When it was finished, the Blues went into their clubhouse but it was soon incinerated into ash since the other Hatchlings were using a blowtorch from the box to roast marshmallows, but put the flames too close to the clubhouse. Reeling in extreme horror, the Blues were aghasted at knowing their work was all for nothing but then Jay saw what they could improvise for their clubhouse; the delivery box. The other Blues saw his idea and decided to follow it. They soon made it into their clubhouse and to ensure that it won't be destroyed, locked up the other Hatchlings in a cage before heading inside their new clubhouse..

Toons.TV Description Edit

The Blues receive a Mighty Eagle crate containing a build-it-yourself clubhouse. It's not all fun and games when the Hatchlings get in the way.

Cast Edit

Angry Birds references Edit

Part of the episode comes from part of Party Ahoy, where a tiny contact with a big object caused it to collapse into pieces while the reconstruction of the clubhouse was inspired by the plot of Step 1.

  • In Party Ahoy, it was a massive cruiser and a small glass bottle. In this episode however, it was the clubhouse and a jackhammer.
  • In Step 1, the minion pigs tore down the structure they made and rebuilt because it was not according to the blueprint they had while in this episode, the Blues has to repair the clubhouse because it was being destroyed every time they finished building it.

Notes: Edit

  • This is the episode to introduce the Hatchlings, Jay, Jim, and Jake and other hatchlings we don't know names of...
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