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Matilda is the head of Bird Island's Anger Management Class for those birds who just can't fit into the world, but this doesn't mean she doesn't have a bad side however.

Fiction Edit

Films Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Maya Rudolph (English); Raya Abirached (Arabic)

Somewhere before the events of the film, she got a diploma stating that she is stated as a, "free rage chicken"

In the present day, she is teaching a class with Terence, Chuck, and Bomb, along with new student Red

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Maya Rudolph (English); Raya Abirached (Arabic)

After Red saved the eggs and was claimed a hero, Matilda and Terence got married and had four daughters; Zoe, Bailey, Jenny and Ally, and gave a tour around Bird Island telling others that she used to teach him.

Afterwards, she went to the beach to relax, only for Leonard to dump crabs onto everybody.

Angry Birds comics Edit

Space Matilda

Why didn't they put me in Angry Birds Space?

There was one concept of an Idea of a movie about Matilda being a spacewoman, and her partners are all crystal version of her previous students.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Holiday Edit

In Angry Birds Holiday, Matilda was featured as the main character/guide in the game, as she would guide and teach the player of how to play the game.

While Matilda is not a playable character, (as none of the birds and pigs are in the game) Matilda only serves as a guide. However, the entire motive of the game is set by her, as the player must help her in building the resort island to attract the vacationing pigs.

Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Matilda makes a special appearance in Angry Birds Evolution as an unlockable character, after she is unlocked after the player beats the White Mountains.

There are also white birds in the game that can be evolved and unlocked.

Angry Birds Match Edit

Matilda appears as the main bird to where you get your crates

Angry Birds Pop 2 Edit

Angry Birds Dream Blast Edit

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Notes Edit

  • She is a "Free Rage Chicken"
  • Angry Birds Holiday marks the only time where Matilda was as the staring character, as Red was featured as the leading main character.
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