Maddie Taylor (born December 31, 1966), formerly as Matthew William TaylorMatt Taylor, or Matthew Taylor is American voice actor, story artist and comedian, known for voicing Verminious Snaptrap in T.U.F.F. Puppy and Sparky in The Fairly OddParents. She voiced Buddy in the first three Open Season films and Deni throughout the franchise. She is the voice of Elliot in Open Season 3 (replacing Joel McHale from Open Season 2, who replaced Ashton Kutcher from Open Season), but was replaced by Will Townsend in Open Season: Scared Silly. She was replaced by Lee Tockar as the voice of Buddy in Open Season: Scared Silly. She performed the voice of Ian in Open Season 2 and 3 (replacing Patrick Warburton from the first film), but was replaced by Brian Drummond in the fourth film. She also performed the voice of Reilly in the third film (replacing Jon Favreau from the first two films), but was replaced by Brian Drummond in the fourth film.

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