I think I am deaf now, thanks Luca

Luca is a baby, but hey he doesn't like to be called that!

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Voice Actor: (Finnish)

Notes Edit

  • Soundwave's ability is somewhat similar to Luca's. They will both destroy glass extremely well, possibly insignificantly damage some wood blocks, and cannot destroy stone blocks.
  • Luca is the youngest of his flock, much as Bubbles is to his.
  • In some ways, Luca appears to be the polar opposite of Matilda, the only (original) female member of Red's flock, which originally composed of five birds, who acts like a mother to the flock, while Luca acts like the baby to Stella's flock.
  • Luca is the only male bird to sport an actual eye color other than black (dark blue).
  • The original Luca plush had feminine eyelashes.
    • Luca also had feminine eyelashes in Telepods box art.
  • Luca is the only member of the Stella flock to not appear in The Angry Birds Movie.
    • Luca also did not appear on Angry Birds Stella POP! permanently.
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