ABTF1 Lockdown

I am a Bounty Hunter, not a Decepticon!

Lockdown is a merciless bounty hunter who like to collect different Autobot's mods, and calls them "trophies" and like to reformat himself to result him into a skeletal-looking robot.

Fiction Edit

Angry Birds Transformers comics Edit

Angry Birds Transformers #1 Edit

Lockdown was among Megatron's forces who attacked an Autobot ship in an attempt to seize the AllSpark, only to be knocked back into space by Heatwave's water blasts.

Notes Edit

  • Lockdown in the Transformers mythos, is a bounty hunter who was first introduced in the Transformers Animated cartoon and ever since then, this character has been a mainstate of the franchise, even including him in Age of Extinction, in which that is the design they chose for Foreman Pig.
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