Lily (also known as Malena) is a Hatchling and resident on Bird Island

Fiction Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Lily was one of the hatchlings that crossed the street, to Red's dismay

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Sunday Urban (English)

Lily, Beatrice, Samantha and Jay were heading off to Red J. Bird Elementary School where they were going to learn about how Red saved them all, to the Hatchling's delight.

Commercial Appearences Edit

Happy Mother's Day From The Hatchlings! Edit

Voice Actor: Sunday Urban (English)

Lily. Beatrice and their siblings were making a cake for their mother, but it fell on the floor, so they ate it, but ran away when their mother came in.

Toys Edit

Hatchling Charm Bags

I'm the Yellow one!

Angry Birds Hatchlings Edit

Hatchling Charm Bags Edit

Malena is one of the Hatchlings in this plushie clip-on style of plushies

Lily (Malena)

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Notes Edit

  • The reason why Lily is the official name, not Malena is because Malena was the preliminary name for the character.
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